Jacuzzi® J-400 Series Hot Tubs

The designer range - for all round performance paired with premium design

Why choose a Jacuzzi J400?

  • Clearest Water 5 Stage Filtration
  • Hydrotherapy Jets Deep Hydromassage
  • Energy-Efficient Premium Lighting & Waterfall
  • Innovation Advanced Touch Controls & Bluetooth
  • Smart Tech High Back Seating

Frequently asked questions about Jacuzzi J400 hot tubs

  • Is Jacuzzi 400 series good?

      Jacuzzi® J-400 hot tubs are Jacuzzi's premium range and the best for all round performance, hydrotherapy and quality. They offer an understated design which is suited to any indoor or outdoor surroundings, ensuring the perfect look and the ultimate in flexibility. With a high back design, adjustable headrests, and deep tissue hydromassage, J400s offer a premium hot tub experience. Not only that, you can enjoy Bluetooth, advanced control panel, premium lighting and a backlit waterfall. These hot tubs also include the standard Jacuzzi ClearRAY® Water Purification System, which uses UV-C technology to instantly give you clean, clear water, as well as reducing the amount of sanitiser you need to use. Find out more in our guide to why we love a Jacuzzi® J400 hot tub.

  • How many gallons is a j400 jacuzzi?

      The capacity of Jacuzzi's J400 range is between 300 and 416 imperial gallons, depending on the size of Jacuzzi tub you go for. You'll have plenty of space for friends and family in a highly efficient hot tub.

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