What Gazebo Do I Need for My Hot Tub?

The right gazebo can elevate your hot tub relaxation to new heights. Hot tub shelters create privacy from nosy neighbours, while allowing you to take a dip no matter the weather. Not only that, they protect your tub from wind, rain, and direct sunlight, securing your investment for years to come.

We'll take you through why your spa deserves thoughtful consideration when it comes to shelter, covering everything from canopies to parasols, so you can find the right gazebo for you.


Why choose a hot tub gazebo?

Year-round enjoyment 

Enjoy hot tubbing no matter the weather with a roofed canopy. A hot tub shelter keeps you dry in the rain, so you can enjoy your spa come rain or shine. It also provides protection from the sun, this is especially important if you don't have shady spots in your garden. Guarantee uninterrupted relaxation in your outdoor sanctuary.


Hot tub gazebos shield your spa from continuous sun exposure, to prevents it from overworking in regulating temperature. A canopy also reduces the discolouration of your hot tub cover from UV rays. They offer flexibility in positioning your hot tub in the garden, while safeguarding it from direct sunlight, preventing damage to both the tub and its cover.


Hot tub canopies offer a secluded haven away from the prying eyes of neighbours. Whether hosting a hot tub party or seeking a bit of 'me time', a gazebo keeps you out of view, as well as providing an escape from the outside world. If you choose a shelter with sides, it adds an extra layer of security to prevent kids or pets from accessing your hot tub.

Keep in mind your shelter needs 

When considering types of hot tub enclosure, think about your lifestyle, outdoor space, and budget. Are you prioritising protection from the weather, privacy from neighbours, or looking for a focal point in your garden? Do you want a permanent gazebo or a portable shelter? Whatever your needs, there's a hot tub shelter for you.

Hot Tub Pergola at Dusk

Location: First off, scope out your space. Make sure the gazebo fits with the size and look of your garden. Think about a bespoke gazebo if you want a shelter that perfectly fits your garden. Don't forget about airflow – you don't want things getting too steamy while you soak! 

Budget: Figure out what you're willing to spend. A good gazebo is an investment, whereas a parasol is more affordable but less durable, so balance your budget with the quality and features you're after.

Portability: Some gazebos are compact and flexible. If you're all about switching up your outdoor setup, or may be moving house, consider one of these.

Adaptability: If you want a hot tub shelter that adapts to the weather, needs, and even your mood, look for a canopy with a retractable roof, a pergola with louvred roof, or a metal gazebo with curtains, for extra privacy as needed. 

Stability: You want your gazebo to stand strong against any weather. Check for sturdy construction and quality materials, like treated wood or UV resistant and waterproof fabric. The right material means your gazebo will stick around for years, come rain or shine.

Compatibility: Your gazebo should be your tub's BFF! Leave enough room either side to easily get in and out, and maybe throw in some space for chairs and decorations.

Privacy: Think about your surroundings. If your neighbours are nosy or you're on a busy street, pick a gazebo that gives you some alone time.

Pergola with Friends

Aesthetics: Your gazebo should complement your garden and decor. Find a design that adds some charm to your outdoor space, creating a cohesive and calming vibe. Pergolas are a perfect choice for creating picturesque centrepieces for any garden.

Protection: Consider your local weather mood swings! Get a gazebo that can handle all types of weather. Retractable canopies with waterproof roofs, or fully enclosed gazebos might be the most sensible choice in places with unpredictable weather. You could get a gazebo with a tinted dome roof that lets sunlight in, but protects your hot tub from rain.

Types of hot tub shelter

Now you know what to bear in mind, we’ll talk you through the four main types of hot tub enclosure. 

1. Gazebos

Timeless with complete coverage, privacy, and protection

Wooden Hot Tub Gazebos

Size: Gazebos come in various sizes and shapes, with customisable measurements, roofs and sides, allowing you to choose one that fits your hot tub, and garden. They range from compact structures for smaller patios, to larger shelters for spacious gardens.

Portability: Wooden gazebos are generally fixed structures, providing a permanent and sturdy shelter solution. Their solid construction ensures durability and a lasting addition to your garden. Metal gazebos are often more portable and lightweight, allowing for an adaptable shelter, you could also choose one with curtains for added flexibility.

Price: While the initial cost of building a wooden gazebo might be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of durability and shelter often outweigh the investment. If you're looking for a budget-friendly enclosure, or are considering moving house, look into a metal gazebo.


2. Retractable Canopies

Adjustable and adaptable with an open-air feel

Hot Tub Canopies

Size: Retractable canopies offer versatility in size and shape. Their adjustable nature allows you to tailor it to your hot tub's size. You can also find customisable canopies to fit your garden perfectly. 

Portability: Hot tub canopies provide a flexible solution, allowing you to retract or extend the coverage based on weather conditions. Consider a canopy with automated retracting roofs for minimal effort.

Price: The cost of retractable canopies can vary depending on the features and materials. Consider the long-term benefits of their adaptability to changing weather conditions.


3. Pergolas

Adds shade and style to your garden

Hot Tub Pergola

Size: Pergolas provide an open and airy structure, available in various sizes and designs. They offer a customisable layout, making them suitable for all hot tub configurations. Not only that, pergolas become a real focal point in your garden, creating a relaxing and private space for soaking. 

Portability: Pergolas are designed to be semi-permanent structures in your garden, and are not portable like a parasol.

Price: Pergolas are a cost-effective option if you're looking for an open and stylish structure. Additional features like retractable canopies can add to the overall cost, but provide extra protection.


4. Parasols

Compact and portable with partial coverage

Hot Tub Parasols

Size: Parasols come in a range of sizes and shapes, from circular designs to square or rectangular options. Choose one that fits with your tub's size and shape.

Portability: Parasols and umbrellas are portable and easy to install. They provide a quick and budget-friendly solution for shading your hot tub. Consider options with adjustable heights for added flexibility.

Price: Parasols are budget-friendly, making them a low risk option if you’re looking for a simple and effective shelter solution. Make sure you check that the fabric is waterproof and UV resistant, although they offer limited protection from rain. 



Frequently asked hot tub gazebos

Can I install a shelter myself, or do I need professional help?

Installation complexity varies. While parasols are DIY-friendly, larger structures like wooden gazebos may need professional installation for stability and safety.

What materials are best for hot tub shelters in terms of durability?

Cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated wood are excellent choices for wooden gazebos. For canopies and parasols, go for weather-resistant materials like polyester or canvas.

Are there options for smaller budgets?

Yes, options like parasols or basic metal gazebos are more affordable. Consider your priorities, such as privacy or weather protection, when choosing based on budget.

Do I need planning permission for a gazebo? 

Whether you need planning permission for a gazebo depends on your local regulations. In many places, smaller and temporary structures do not require permission, but it's safest to check with your local authority for accurate and up to date information.

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a wooden or metal frame typically found in gardens and parks, with either an sliding or louvred roof, providing a defined yet open space. Pergolas are often used for outdoor decoration in gardens, creating a shaded area while allowing airflow and some sunlight to filter through. 

What's the difference between a pergola and a pergoda?

Easily confused, a pergola is an outdoor structure that features a sliding or louvred roof, whereas a pergoda has a solid roof with fixed slats. Pergolas provide more flexibility in weather protection and privacy.

What's the difference between a pergola and a gazebo?

Unlike traditional gazebos with fully covered roofs, pergolas have sliding or louvred roofs, allowing you to control the level of privacy, letting you lay back and soak in peace without feeling stuffy or closed in.

Does a pergola add value to a home?

Yes it can! A pergola can enhance the appeal and potentially value of your garden, and therefore your home. Pergolas add a subtle centrepiece that make outdoor spaces more functional and usable, attracting buyers that enjoy utilising their outside time.


Parting advice

Choosing the right hot tub gazebo for you involves a thoughtful consideration of your space, needs, and budget. Remember that it's not just about functionality – it's about creating an inviting space that adds to your hot tub relaxation. Whether you go for the solid reliability of a wooden gazebo, the flexible shelter of a retractable canopy, the open vibe of a pergola, or the simplicity of a parasol, there's a shelter option that’ll match your lifestyle and budget.

To learn more or to see our wooden gazebos, visit our Leeds or Hull showroom. Not near a showroom? No problem contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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