Lay-Z-Spa® Inflatable Hot Tubs

Premium inflatable lazy spa hot tubs

Frequently asked questions about Lazy Spa hot tubs

  • Are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

      Portable and lightweight, inflatable spas are easy to set up in your garden. As they’re deflatable, you can pack them away or take them with you when you move. Not only that, blow up hot tubs are extremely comfortable, so relax and unwind in your own at-home spa!

  • Why choose Lay-Z-Spa?

      Lay-Z-Spa® offer premium inflatable hot tubs with continuously developing and award-winning technology. Inflatable tubs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for hot tub parties. Our lay z spa blow up hot tubs are so easy to set up in just 5 minutes!

      If you're looking for an affordable alternative to a traditional acrylic hot tub, Lay-Z-Spas are the best choice. In fact, the lazy spa miami is the UK's most popular hot tub. Find out more about which lazyspa is right for you in our guide.

  • Are Lay-Z-Spas energy efficient?

      Yes, all lazy spa hot tubs include energy-saving features as standard to minimise hot tub running costs. These include the insulating lid, power‑saving timer and thermostatic heating system. Some lazy spas are also available with an EnergySense™ thermal cover such as the Lay-Z-Spa Zurich hot tub.

  • How do I reduce Lay-Z-Spa running costs?

      You can minimise your lay z spa energy bills by doing the following:

    • Buy a thermal hot tub cover
    • Use a hot tap to fill the tub
    • Maintain a constant temperature
    • Run the tub only at weekends
    • Use the lid and a floor protector
    • Avoid windy areas or use a shelter
    • Use the power-saving timer
    • Use the tub during warmer weather
    • Use the massage system less

      Read more energy saving tips in our guide.

  • What chemicals do I put in my lazy spa?

      Proper chemical maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your Lay Z Spa hot tub. Use either a chlorine or bromine sanitiser to kill bacteria. Or, an oxygen alternative is ideal for sensitive skin. Lazy spa hot tubs come with a ChemConnect dispenser to gradually release sanitiser tablets, simply attach to the inside of your tub, over the filtration outlet - there's no need for floating dispensers. You'll also need to keep your blow up tub water balanced with our pH & alkalinity increasers and reducers. Water conditioners will also improve the look and feel of your inflatable jacuzzi's water, while filters cleaners and cleaning tools keep it sparkling fresh. Get a testing kit to check the water balance and shock treatment to oxidise chemicals in your spa. We also stock hot tub starter kits to make your Lay-Z-Spa tub good to go!

  • How long Lay-Z-Spas last?

      If your lazy spa set up is done correctly and you keep it well maintained, you can enjoy your lay z spa hot tub for many years.

  • Can I use my Lay-Z-Spa in winter?

      Yes you can! Freeze Shield™ technology means you can use your Lay Z Spa in winter. When the outside temperature drops below 6°C, Freeze Shield™ activates your lazy spa pump and mildly heats up your hot tub, to prevent the water and pipes from freezing.

  • How do I protect my Lay-Z-Spa in winter?

      A lazy spa thermal cover will keep your hot tub protected from winter weather, including fallen leaves, branches and insects! A lazy spa cover also keep the water temperature up, saving you money in reheating. Make sure you keep snow and ice from collecting on the top of your spa's cover by gently removing it. Lastly, a lazy spa canopy provides extra protection.

      Read more about how to protect your hot tub from the elements in winter and beyond.

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