Hot Tub Chemicals

Frequently asked questions about hot tub chemicals

  • What chemicals do I need for my hot tub?
  • What is used in hot tubs instead of chlorine?

      Bromine is a great alternative to chlorine, it’s kinder on sensitive skins and has a milder odour. If you’re especially sensitive to chemicals, oxygen may be the sanitiser for you and it’s usually odour free.

  • Can I use my hot tub without any chemicals?

      No, your hot tub needs chemicals to keep you safe and the water clean. Without using chemicals, you could be putting your health at risk from bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Not only that, build up from scale and dirt damages your spa, shortening its lifespan and costing you more in the long run.

  • What chemicals are needed for an inflatable hot tub?

      Proper chemical maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your inflatable hot tub. Treat its water care the same as you would an acrylic hot tub. However, bear in mind that inflatable tubs can be more susceptible to water contamination, due to the smaller volume of water they hold, and less powerful filtration than most hard shells, so keep an eye on your chemical levels.

      To start with, use either a chlorine or bromine sanitiser to kill bacteria. Or, an oxygen alternative is ideal for sensitive skin. Keep the water balanced with our pH & alkalinity increasers and reducers. Water conditioners will also improve the look and feel of your inflatable tub's water, while filters cleaners and cleaning tools keep it sparkling fresh. Get a testing kit to check the water balance and shock treatment to oxidise chemicals in your spa. We also stock hot tub starter kits to make your inflatable tub good to go!

  • What if I need more advice on which chemicals I need?
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