Aqua Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Comb


The Aqua Comb is a new design of Hot Tub filter cleaning comb which enables you to wash your filter faster. It takes between 3-5 minutes to clean a filter with an Aqua Comb and reduces the need of chemicals. Jacuzzi Direct does recommend soaking your filter in a filter cleaner at least every 4 months to help keep your filter working affectively.

The Aqua Comb works affectively with a handheld water sprayer which is designed to fit into the pleats of a hot tub filter and pull out any debris. The Aqua Comb main body is made of UV protected ABS plastic where as the barrel valve and comb itself is made of a UV protected nylon with 304 S.S. 30 mesh screen hose to avoid any clogs.


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