Hot Tub Grip 'O' Wine Cooler


The Hot Tub Grip 'O' Wine cooler is a useful holder which has suction cups on the bottom to keep your wine and glasses safe on the side of your hot tub. A secure way to drink in style while enjoying your hot tub!

The Party Grip-O is a large bottle holder and insulator with 8 suction feet designed to stick to smooth surfaces such as fiberglass gelcoat, hot tubs, plexiglass, glass, metal or any smooth non-porous surface. When stuck in place the party tray simply drops over the top to give you a safe place to store or rest your glasses.

Contains: 1x party grip-o cooler and 1x 4 stem glass party tray.

Please note: The Champagne and wine glasses are sold separately. Unfortunately, we don't sell our own Champagne but you can purchase your Jacuzzi Champagne Flutes, online separately. 

When ordering this product, the glass tray is packed at the bottom of the box under brown wrapping, make sure you keep a look out and don't throw it away!

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