How to Host the Best Hot Tub Party

If you’re planning a garden party and own a hot tub or swim spa, we have some handy hints and tips to help your party run smoothly and stress free.

Let’s get the party started and dive in!

Get prepared

Send out your invitations

The most important thing to remember when inviting people is the size of your tub. If it seats five people, don’t invite too many more, or they’ll be left waiting around.

Hot tub party in a Lay-Z-Spa

Plan your theme and decorate

Decorating is ptional, but it’ll get the party into full swing. Check out our recommendations below if you need help deciding a theme.

Plan other activities

You probably won’t spend all evening in your tub, so planning activities to go with your theme will keep your guests entertained.

Make sure your hot tub is clean

A clean hot tub ensures the chemicals are balanced to prevent unwanted irritation. Check out our cleaning guide to refresh your tub in readiness.

Prepare your playlist

Music is the life and soul of any party, so get your guests in the party mood with some tunes.

Get spare towels and swimwear

There’s always someone who forgets either their swimming costume or a towel. Having some spares on hand will save any embarrassment and ensure all your guests can join in.

Get the cocktails ready

Hot tub with champagne bottle on

No party would be complete without DIY cocktails, but be super careful as drinking in the hot tub can enhance the effects of alcohol, plus spills will wreak havoc with the chemicals.

Drink responsibly. Hot tubs can dehydrate bathers, so drink plenty of water to rehydrate.


Our 5 top hot tub party themes

Choosing a theme can be difficult, but here’s our favourites to help you get inspired:

Tropical paradise

Glass on top of hot tubSome of our most relaxing summer memories are chilling at the beach with family and friends, taking in the fresh sea air. Why not turn your outdoor space into a beach-like haven?
Hot tub can holderIf you're lucky enough to own a swim spa, you can also get your pool rings out of the garage. Dust off your beach ball and punch bowl to make it totally tropical.
Don’t forget decorations and speakers to get the music going. You can’t guarantee the weather, but you can ensure the temperature in your hot tub will get your guests in the holiday mood.
Hot tub game


Games night

Do you and your friends love a night of cards and board games? You can take it one step further with a hot tub games night!

Grab your favourite card games, board games and even the odd drinking game. Make sure you provide all the usual; a selection of cheese, crisps, and beer. 

Hot tub safe glass

It’s the perfect way to spend your summer nights, and the Grip ‘O’ Wine Cooler will keep your drinks cool (and upright) whilst playing games with our waterproof cards and floating board games.


Get spooky

Hot tub party with candles

Another one of our favourite themes is a Halloween hot tub party. Decorate your tub with creepy pumpkins, LED lights and some spooky hot tub crystals to give a haunted feel. 

Hot tub with lanterns in the dark
Buy plenty of treats like cakes and sweets. Why not make some cocktails or mocktails like a Bloody Martini or Witch's Brew.
Don’t forget to create a Halloween playlist to finish it off, we can't resist the Monster Mash! If your hot tub doesn’t have lights, you can purchase our Underwater Light Show to add to the ambience.


Family friendly

Remind your guests to bring their swimming costumes as well as their kids’. Set up your garden with Twister, giant Jenga, Connect-4 and Limbo, set out drinks and nibbles and maybe even host a BBQ.

Swim spa party with the family
Keep the hot tub or swim spa open all day and let the kids and parents enjoy a dip at their leisure.
Novelty hot tub thermometers

All the fun is guaranteed to tire out the little ones, so it’s a win-win for the parents.

We stock a range of hot tub toys and games that are perfect for keeping everyone entertained.


Romantic night in for two

Hot tub scents

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday or one of those ‘just because’ moments, a romantic hot tub night will allow you to spend quality time together and keep you off your phones!

Cocktails in front of a hot tub

We love lighting some candles, laying out some rose petals and chilling the bubbly so you can relax under the stars.

We’ve got a few things to help your night go smoothly, like a drinks bucket to keep the champagne cool, along with matching hot tub-safe glasses. We also have an amazing range of aromatherapy products to set the mood. 


Parting advice

There you have it! We hope you've got plenty of inspiration to get your party started. If your party is a roaring success (we’re sure it will be) and your hot tub needs a full clean, make sure to stock up on our hot tub pipe cleaner so that you’re all prepped for the post-party refresh.

Don't forget, it’s vital that you look after your hot tub and ensure it has the correct pH level before use. The recommended level for any hot tub is between 7.2-7.4 PPM. To ensure everything’s in tip-top condition, brush up using our chemicals guide.

Drinks bucket in front of a hot tub in a garden

Need more advice? Give us a call on 01482 212322 or email and we’ll help you out. Or drop in and see us in our Hull or Leeds showrooms to see our hot tub accessories range for yourself. 

Not near one of our Yorkshire hot tub showrooms? No problem, if you’re looking for a new hot tub you can explore our virtual showroom or book a video call with our showroom team.

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