Jacuzzi® Hot Tub No Foam Solution
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub No Foam Solution
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Jacuzzi® Hot Tub No Foam Solution

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Features we love 
  • Anti foam liquid for hot tubs, swim spas and more
  • Prevents foam and suds caused by soaps and detergents
  • Helps maintain crystal clear water
  • Add straight to your tub for it to work right away
  • Doesn’t affect pH levels and can be used alongside most sanitisers
  • Jacuzzi® premium quality you can trust
All about me

Jacuzzi® No Foam keeps your hot tub clean and free of pollutants. Anti foam stops soaps and creams from foaming in your hot tub by sinking them to the bottom and trapping them in the filter. This helps to keep your hot tub water crystal clear. Relax and unwind without any worries. Experience the Jacuzzi® difference for yourself.

How to use

Jacuzzi‘s No Foam is easy to use, simply add it to your hot tub before you start enjoying your soak and let it do the rest.


What causes hot tub foam?

Foamy hot tub water is usually caused by contaminants like hair products, deodorant, moisturiser, perfume, drink spillages and cheap or excessive use of hot tub chemicals. We sell chemicals that are formulated to an exceedingly high standard to prevent these issues, you can browse through our range here. We also advise against washing any swimwear in hot tubs to prevent foam from washing detergent.

How to remove foam from hot tub water

Start by testing the water for a chemical imbalance, beginning with your chlorine/bromine and pH levels. Try using your usual chemicals to restore the balance. If that doesn’t work, you could use no foam that clings to the pollutants in the water and sinks them to the bottom so they can be removed by the filter. Also make sure you replace the hot tub water every three to four months and clean the filters weekly, replacing every 12 months at least.

How to prevent hot tub foam

The easiest way to stop the hot tub water from becoming foamy is to shower before getting in. This will rinse off all cosmetics, perfumes, moisturisers, and tanning products. To prevent drink spillages in your hot tub, try a Spa Caddy Table. They’re designed to keep your drinks upright; however powerful your jets are.

If you need more advice on keeping your tub in tip top condition, check out our guide on what to do if your hot tub water is foamy.


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