Swim Spas with Kids: Family Fun & Safe Swimming

Swim spas provide a perfect blend of fun, fitness and wellbeing, for the whole family. Teach your kids how to swim and promote water safety, in the privacy of your own garden. A hot tub pool is perfect for keeping little ones - and not so little ones - entertained and active. Read how to make the most out of your swim spa for your family, let’s dive in… 


Why kids love swim spas 

Swim spas offer endless entertainment possibilities, making them perfect for children of all ages. Kids can swim, splash, and play games in warm water, so they can enjoy swimming and keep active all year round.

Why we love swim spas 

Swim spas combine a hot tub and pool in one, making them ideal for both relaxation and exercise. Our three favourite things about a swim spa? 


Swim against resistive currents and reap the benefits of a full size swimming pool in a spacious yet compact design. You’ve also got your very own aquatic gym on your doorstep! For tips, read our five favourite swim spa workouts in our guide

Family in a swim spa


Enjoy family time and socialising in your own private pool, free from restrictions and crowds.


Focussed hydrotherapy jets help you relax and unwind to recover or rejuvenate with top-to-toe massaging groups. 


Teaching your kids to swim

In a secure environment, you can introduce kids to water confidence, a vital life skill that gives you the peace of mind that they’re safer when swimming in the sea or in pools. You get to supervise them in the privacy and safety of your own home, without worrying about cold weather, busy changing rooms, or deep ends of a swimming pool.

School holidays are the perfect time for home swimming lessons. They’ll soon get used to exercise as part of their routine, setting them into a good habit of keeping active and healthy, improving their confidence without worrying about peers.

Kids in a swim spa

Safety First

Ensure that your kids wear UV protected swimwear if they’re very young. For beginners, consider using arm bands or float vests to provide extra buoyancy and safety.


Never leave children unattended in a swim spa. Always keep a close eye on them, even if they're confident swimmers.

Slow and Steady

Start with gentle and straightforward swimming exercises to build your child's confidence. Gradually progress to more advanced skills.

Positive Reinforcement

Give praise and encouragement to boost your child's confidence and motivation to learn.


Safety tips in swim spas

Safety is paramount when enjoying swim spas with children. Here are some essential safety tips:

Clear Rules

Set clear and consistent rules for your swim spa time. Teach children about safe entry and exit, no running, and listening to instructions.

Water Safety

Educate your children about water safety, including the dangers of drains, the importance of swimming with a buddy, and what to do if you get in trouble in the water.

First Aid Kit

Keep a well-stocked first aid kit nearby in case of minor injuries or accidents.

CPR Knowledge

Learn and refresh your knowledge of CPR in case of emergencies.

Emergency Contacts

Ensure you have quick access to emergency contact information if your kid has friends round.


Aquatic activities for all the family

Float Fun

Get some pool floats and toys to make exercise fun. Noodles, beach balls, and inflatable rings can provide hours of entertainment and activity.

Aquatic Life

Combine learning and fun by teaching kids about water and aquatic life. Use the swim spa as an opportunity for hands-on education.

Underwater World

Make the swim spa more appealing by adding underwater LED lights that can create a magical display during evening swims.

Underwater light show

Ride the Wave

Take advantage of the swim spa's design and attach a boogie board for kids to ride the current.


Keep kids engaged with games like Submarine, where the goal is to pour water into a floating cup without sinking it. You can also get your hands on floating board games and waterproof playing cards to keep them - or you - entertained.


If you’ve got a spacious swim spa and don’t mind making a splash, try a game of volleyball or badminton.

Themed Party

Got a birthday party to plan? Hold a tropical swim spa party! Load your playlist via your swim spa’s Bluetooth, grab your pool rings and get your beach balls at the ready…


Parent child bonding in swim spas

Swim spas offer a space for quality bonding time with your kids, without the distractions of work or phones.

Family in a swim spa

Quality Time

Spending time together in the swim spa provides an opportunity to connect, relax, and talk about your day.


Use swim spa time to teach your kids life skills and shared values, including swimming, water safety, and respect for the environment.

Digital Detox

Encourage a break from screens and devices and enjoy being in the moment.


Hydrotherapy for all ages

Man relaxing in a swim spa

Swim spas aren’t just about swimming, they’re a spa too! Their hydrotherapy jets make them therapeutic for all family members, especially in offering relief from conditions like arthritis and back pain. Endless pools also help to keep active without overdoing it, or putting pressure on joints, all without needing to leave your home.


Parting advice

Swim spas provide an exciting place for play, physical activity, and relaxation, with benefits for all family members. In a swim spa, there's something for everyone, making it a versatile space for quality family time, whether it’s fun, fitness or wellbeing. 

To learn more or to see a swim spa in action, visit our Leeds or Hull showroom. We stock a wide range of swim spas, including Jacuzzi® and TidalFit.

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