Our Five Fave Aquatic Workouts: Making a Splash in Your Swim Spa

Did you know your swim spa is more than just a pool and hot tub? It’s also an aquatic gym! Welcome to the world of water fitness, where splashing around meets serious exercise…

Dive into our guide on five fantastic aquatic workouts to make the most of your swim spa. Let's explore how you can turn your swim spa into a powerhouse for your health and wellbeing.


How do swim spas boost our physical health? 

Swim spas aren't just for swimming – they're a gym in your garden, without any membership fees, commutes, or waits for equipment. The resistance provided by the water engages multiple muscle groups, giving you a full-body workout. The magic of a swim spa is the buoyancy reduces impact on your joints, making it a perfect option if you have issues with your knees, ankles, or hips. Exercise in a swim spa can improve your cardiovascular health, build strength, and enhance flexibility. All in the comfort of your own garden. 

Why exercise in a swim spa?

Woman exercising in a swim spa

If you love swimming and working out at the gym, a swim spa might be just what you need to take your fitness routine to the next level. The continuous current of swim spas allows for various aquatic exercises, in a low-impact environment that's gentle on the body, while delivering impressive physical results. Think of a swim spa like a treadmill in water, not only do you have an endless pool to practice your stroke in, you’ve got a personal gym right at your doorstep!


Warm up before you wade in

Before diving into the main workout, warming up is crucial. Start with gentle water walking and stretching to increase blood flow and loosen up your muscles. This primes your body for exercise, preventing injury and ensuring maximum effectiveness. Next, if you want to really make the most of your workout, get yourself an aqua aerobics kit. Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 


Our five fave aquatic workouts

1. Water Flutter Kicks

  • How to: An oldie but a goodie… Hold onto the swim spa edge, facing down. Extend legs straight behind you and flutter kick. Engage your core for stability.
  • Effect: Low abs and hip flexors for strength, balance and flexibility 
  • Focus: Core
  • Impact: Low 
Aqua aerobics

2. Resistance Rows

  • How to: Secure a resistance band to the side of the swim spa. Hold the bands with both hands. Practise rows by pulling the bands towards you, engaging your back muscles.
  • Effect: Upper body strength and toning
  • Focus: Back, arms, and shoulders
  • Impact: Adjustable by choosing the resistance level of the band


3. Lunges

  • How to: Stand with your feet hip-width apart in your swim spa. Take a step forward, bending both knees to form a lunge. Push back to the starting position and repeat on the other leg. The water provides resistance, enhancing the effectiveness of the lunge.
  • Effect: Lower body strength and balance
  • Focus: Quads, hamstrings, and glutes
  • Impact: Moderate


4. Aqua Push-Ups:

  • How to: This one takes a bit of getting used to… Place your hands on the edge of the swim spa, arms extended. Lower your chest towards the water, then push back up. The water resistance adds an extra challenge to traditional push-ups! 
  • Effect: Upper body strength and chest toning
  • Body Focus: Chest, arms, and shoulders
  • Intensity: Moderate
Aqua aerobics

5. Dumbbells

  • How to: Grab some water-friendly dumbbells, you’ll find these often come with many swim spas nowadays. Try reps of bicep curls, lateral raises, side raises, or shoulder presses, to give your arms a good workout. 
  • Effect: Targeted upper muscle toning and strength
  • Focus: Arms, shoulders, and upper body
  • Impact: Variable


Don’t forget to cool down 

Relaxing in a hot tub

After an invigorating workout, ease your body back to a state of rest with some gentle stretches. Focus on elongating the muscles you worked during your session, promoting flexibility and preventing stiffness. Remember your swim spa doubles up as a hot tub, so turn on the jets and enjoy soothing hydromassage that targets your muscles. 

Parting advice

Whether you're looking for a more convenient approach to fitness, or aiming to enhance your current routine, the swim spa opens a door to versatile and enjoyable workouts. Remember, consistency is key, so make a splash regularly and reap the rewards of a healthier, happier you. Dive in and let the aquatic fitness journey begin!

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