5 Common Hot Tub Problems and Solutions

Are you having some minor issues with your hot tub? We’ve got your back; check out our super-quick and easy guide on common problems and solutions, so you can get back to some well-deserved R&R.

1. My hot tub isn’t heating up properly

Hot tub heater problems are common and are usually straightforward to fix yourself. More often than not, there are two possible causes: a fault with the heater element or an issue with the water flow.

The heater can fail for a few reasons, but one of the most common is when the water’s pH is low, so the heater has been subject to corrosion. Unfortunately, once your heater is corroded, it needs to be replaced.

If your spa has an FLO error or a circulation fault, check out our guide here to resolve these issues.

Another reason why your tub isn’t heating up properly could be that your filters need cleaning; see our filter cleaning blog for a step-by-step guide.

Lastly, you should check that there’s enough water in the tub. The heater relies on a sufficient water flow and won’t work correctly when there isn’t enough water.


2. My hot tub is leaking from somewhere

Turn off the power supply immediately if you think your spa is leaking. Then, it’s time to find the source.

The most common leaks usually come from the pump, which means you may need a new pump or a replacement part within the pump, such as the seal. We don’t recommend repairing pumps as it will only be a temporary fix.

If the drip is coming from the heater, you’ll need to purchase a replacement.

Start by checking all the connections, including the pipes and jets. Then examine the tub’s shell for any holes or cracks.

A hole in the air control valve could also be a culprit. Inspect all your valves; some have compartments bolted together with a gasket between them which sometimes fails and causes leakage.

If you purchased your tub from Outdoor Living and it’s still under warranty, we can our hot tub engineers can fix it. Please note: if you try and fix the leak yourself, it could invalidate your warranty.


3. There are problems with my hot tub pumps

If your spa’s pumps have started making loud noises, it’s usually a sign that they need replacing.

  • Squealing sounds indicate that the bearings have worn out
  • Grumbling noises may mean that you need to make a few adjustments
  • A noisy hum means you should check the pumps for loose bolts and screws

Check the valves are fully open and remove any debris that could be clogging them up.

Problems with the pumps can affect your jets and the filter. You should also check that your filter isn’t blocked and make sure it hasn’t taken in any water.


4. Turning on the hot tub is tripping the breaker

Your hot tub has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), a circuit breaker which protects against any electrical faults that could give you an electric shock. If the electrical path that the current is flowing through becomes unsafe, the GFCI will kick in and the power will shut off. To keep you safe, the GFCI is very sensitive, and the smallest of issues can cause the breaker to trip.

Since you’re dealing with water and electricity, we advise that you give us a call on 01482 212322 so we can guide you through your next steps.


5. My hot tub’s control panel is displaying error codes

Your hot tub’s control panel displays error messages when there’s an issue. These error codes differ depending on the make and model of your tub, but below is a list of the most common messages that may be displayed:

FLO = water flow or pressure error

OH = the sensors have detected a high water temperature which could cause overheating

DRY = the heater is experiencing an inadequate flow of water

COOL = the water temperature is below the recommendation

SNA or SNB = the sensor plugged into socket A or B is not working


If your hot tub’s control panel is alerting you to any other error codes, please refer to your user manual for a full list of codes and their meanings.

Parting Advice

We recommend staying on top of your hot tub maintenance by getting a regular service. Book a hot tub service with our fabulous team of trusted specialists.

Need more advice? Give us a call on 01482 212322 or email enquiries@outdoorlivinghottubs.co.uk and we’ll help you out. 

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