Jacuzzi® Hot Tub/Pool Stabilised Chlorine Granules - 25kg

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub/Pool Stabilised Chlorine Granules - 25kg

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Features we love
  • Top grade chlorine granules for hot tubs and swimming pools
  • Keeps your spa and pool in the best condition all year round
  • Can used daily to keep water crystal clear and clean or as a shock dose
  • Super easy to use as they dissolve rapidly and evenly
  • Kills unwanted bacteria and controls algae
  • Stabilised chlorine has a cyanuric acid stabiliser to protect chlorine from UV rays
  • Jacuzzi® premium quality you can trust
All about me

Jacuzzi Chlorine Granules are a powerful sanitiser that disinfects hot tubs and swimming pools. This is top grade chlorine, suitable for spas or pools. Tested and recommended by Jacuzzi® to ensure you get a quality product at the best possible price. The most well known and cheapest way to sanitise your hot tub.

If you're looking to quickly and easily sanitise your hot tub water, chlorine granules are a great option. Chlorine granules dissolve quickly and are relatively pH neutral, making them perfect for shock-dosing your hot tub when you first set it up or if it hasn't been used in a while. Not only that, granules are also effective at raising chlorine levels in your hot tub water faster than tablets.

Stabilised chlorine has a cyanuric acid stabiliser to protect chlorine from UV rays so it can act effectively no matter the weather - like sun screen for your pool! We only sell chlorine granules of the highest quality, which means you will need to use less to get the same level of sanitisation as a lot of cheaper and inferior chlorine products. Experience the Jacuzzi® difference for yourself.

How to use

Aim to maintain a chlorine level of 3 to 5mg/l at all times. How frequently you add more chlorine will depend on your usage and bathing habits. It could be daily, every two to three days or weekly. For 1mg/l, add 2g per 1000 litres. Top tip: 10ml = approximately 10g

*We advise to use test strips to test sanitiser levels, pH levels and Total Alkalinity (TA).


What is stabilised chlorine?

Stabilised chlorine has a cyanuric acid stabiliser which protects chlorine from the sun's UV rays. It's ideal for outdoor swimming pools and areas that get a lot of sun, as it ensures your chlorine works effectively, no matter the weather.

How soon can I use my pool after adding chemicals?

Once you’ve added chemicals to your swimming pool, we advise that you wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes before testing the water again. If the levels are balanced, you can take a dip.

If levels are showing as too high or too low, it could take up to 24 hours for the balance to adjust. Be sure to test the water each time and refer to the chemical’s instructions for use.

How often should I test my pool‘s water?

We recommend you test your pool‘s water daily whether your swimming pool is in use or not.

What should pool water be tested for?

Test your swimming pool‘s water for sanitiser levels - along with pH and total alkalinity. This then allows you to make any chemical adjustments that may be required.

For more advice on maintaining your pool using our chlorine tablets, discover our handy chlorine maintenance guide here.


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