Chlorine Hot Tub Maintenance Guide & Schedule

Whether you're new to owning a hot tub or you wish to super-charge your cleaning routine, our quick chlorine maintenance guide is here to help. Scroll down to see how our experts keep their spas spic and span in five simple steps.

Just so you know, our specialist tips are compatible with almost any tub or swim spa brand and should be used weekly and monthly. Let's get started.

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Which hot tub chemicals should I buy?
How does chlorine work?
Should I use chlorine tablets or granules?
How much chlorine should I add to my hot tub?
Chlorine Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule
Daily Hot Tub Chlorine Maintenance
Weekly Hot Tub Chlorine Maintenance
Quartely Hot Tub Chlorine Maintenance
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Which hot tub chemicals should I buy?

Hot tub chemical starter kit

When it comes to choosing your chemicals, we recommend purchasing high-quality products. This way, you only need to use a small amount to achieve the same healthy water results as cheaper alternatives. You might be interested to learn that all Outdoor Living branded chemicals are formulated to an exceedingly high standard, making them incredible value for money.

To make life easy, we offer chemical starter kits with everything you need to get your hot tub water ready to use. 

How does chlorine work?

When you dissolve hot tub chlorine in water, it creates hypochlorous acid. This acid destroys waterborne bacteria on contact but deactivates over time. For this reason, you must regularly monitor your hot tub's chemical levels.

Should I use chlorine tablets or granules?

Hot tub chlorine granules

If you're looking to quickly and easily sanitise your hot tub water, chlorine granules are a great option. Chlorine granules dissolve quickly and are relatively pH neutral, making them perfect for shock-dosing your hot tub when you first set it up or if it hasn't been used in a while. Not only that, granules are also effective at raising chlorine levels in your hot tub water faster than tablets.

If you want a more convenient option for maintaining your hot tub water, chlorine tablets are a good choice. Tablets release chlorine slowly, allowing you to maintain a consistent level in your hot tub water over a longer period of time. If you're going away for a few days or don't have a lot of time to manage your hot tub's water chemistry, chlorine tablets can help keep your hot tub water clean and safe without requiring a lot of effort on your part.

How much chlorine should I add to my hot tub?

Aim to maintain a chlorine level of 3 to 5mg/l at all times. How frequently you add more chlorine will depend on your usage and bathing habits. It could be daily, every two to three days or weekly. For 1mg/l, add 2g per 1000 litres.

Top tip: 10ml = approximately 10g

Chlorine Hot Tub Maintenance schedule

See our handy maintenance schedule below to learn what tasks to perform and when:

Daily Hot Tub Chlorine Maintenance

  1. Check the chlorine level to ensure it’s between 3-5 ppm.
  2. Add chlorine if necessary.

Weekly Hot Tub Chlorine Maintenance

Please note that your spa should not be in use while being cleaned. Start by switching on the pumps and removing your hot tub cover. The cover will remain off for the duration of your maintenance. Then:

Clean your hot tub filter

Use a hosepipe to clean the filter and remove debris or build-up, then leave it to dry. To prevent a build-up of grease, use a filter cleaner spray. We also recommend purchasing a spare filter and rotating them weekly. Check out our article on how to clean a hot tub filter for more information.

Balance the pH

Hot tub chlorine testing

Use test strips to check the hot tub water's pH level. This should be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6. If your pH level is below 7.2, just add a pH Increaser (pH+), or for results above 7.6, use a pH Decreaser (pH-). Read up on balancing hot tub pH levels in our dedicated blog.

Check your chlorine level

Use chlorine test strips to check your chemical levels are safe – between 3-5mg/l. Then, add more chlorine granules if required.

Use a non-chlorine shock treatment

Add 17g of non-chlorine shock per 1,500 litres of water, then allow it to activate for at least 20 minutes. This is particularly important if your hot tub has been heavily used and will help to clean and clear the water.

Add hot tub no-scale

If you live in a hard-water area, finish by adding 23ml of no-scale per 1,500 litres of water to help prevent limescale build-up.

Quarterly Hot Tub Chlorine Maintainence

In addition to your weekly maintenance, we also recommend performing the following tasks. However, there's no need to add an extra non-chlorine shock treatment unless you've used your hot tub excessively.

Soak the filter

Remove and soak the filter overnight in a large container filled with filter cleaner. Then, rinse with a hosepipe and leave to dry.

Drain the water

Completely drain your hot tub, then refill it with fresh water. See our hot tub cleaning guide for more information.

Parting advice

And there you have it; our expert guide to cleaning your hot tub with chlorine! Please read the instructions supplied with your chlorine products for more information.

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