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Outdoor Living Eco Insulation

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Reduced Carbon Footprint – Reduced Running Costs

Increase Efficiency – Improved Usability

Limited models of hot tubs are manufactured with entry levels of insulation. Although this is effective at reducing heat loss in some instances it can be improved upon.


The design and seating arrangement of all hot tubs allows for space internally within the cabinet. The space, if not fully insulated can reduce the efficiency of the hot tub, introducing cooler air and allowing heat to dissipate gradually.


We can provide a service that will involve the supply and fitment of high grade insulation to the cavity of the tub. This will allow for the following improvements and benefits:

  • Reduced heat loss from the body of water when dormant and in use
  • Less cool air being introduced to the cabinet
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced in heat cycles and component operation over the lifetime of the tub
  • Does not impact service, maintenance or repair of the hot tub or components

Need to know

  • Thickness: 150mm
  • Fire resistant: Yes
  • Fire rating: Euoclass A1 fire rating
  • Thermal resistance: 4.50
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.044
  • Water resistant: Yes
  • Water vapour resistivity: 500MNs/g.m
  • CFC free: Yes
  • HCFC free: Yes
  • Ozone depletion: zero
  • Rot proof: Yes
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