Silverline DIY Submersible Clean Water Pump

Silverline DIY Submersible Clean Water Pump

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Features we love
  • Quickly and effortlessly empties your hot tub in minutes
  • Pumps up to 5000 litres per hour
  • Strong & rigid plastic body
  • 10 metre cable (hose sold separately) 
  • Powerful operation at 250w
Tech spec
  • Pumps up to 5000 litres per hour
  • Float switch operation
  • Submergible to 5m and pump water to 6m above the pump position
  • Maximum 5mm diameter for pumping floating solids
  • 10 metre cable (hose sold separately) 
  • 250w
All about me

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to empty your hot tub or pool clean? The Silverline submersible pump is here to help. With a strong and rigid plastic body, this pump is built to last. Its float switch operation ensures that it turns on and off as needed, so you can set it and forget it.

But that's not all - this pump is capable of handling floating solids up to a maximum diameter of 5mm, so you can count on it to get the job done even if there are leaves or other debris in the water. And with a convenient 10 metre cable, you'll have plenty of reach to get to all areas of your hot tub or pool.

Our Silverline submersible pump is a powerful and reliable choice for emptying your hot tub or pool in minutes.

If you need more advice on keeping your spa spotless, read our hot tub cleaning guide.

Need to know

Please note: this product includes - pump, water outlet elbow connector, hose connector & manual but is not supplied with a hose.

You can order the hose by the metre here.

How to use

Attaching the outlet hose

  • Screw the Outlet Elbow Connector into the Water Outlet
  • This pump features a Hose Connector that is compatible with multiple hose diameters: 38mm (1-1/2’’), 32mm (1-1/4’’) and 25mm (1’’)

Note: 38mm (1-1/2”) hose must be used to achieve maximum delivery capacity

  1. Decide which hose diameter you are going to use and determine where on the Hose Connector this diameter hose is fastened
  2. Cut off the smaller steps of the Hose Connector that are not needed, using a suitable knife (not included).This removes unnecessary flow restrictions and ensures maximum pump capacity and water flow
  3. Fit the hose on to the Hose Connector and secure with a hose clip (not included)

Note: It is recommended to use stainless steel hose clips to prevent corrosion.

Setting up the pump

  1. Attach a suitable rope to the Lifting Handle to lower the pump into the water, to adjust its position when submerged, and to lift the pump back out of the water
  2. Locate a position for submerging the pump - where the float switch can move freely- if automatic operation is required
  3. Ensure a safe path for the power cable, where it cannot be damaged, does not pose a hazard, and where it can safely reach the mains power supply (also see ‘Electrical connection’)
  4. Observe the maximum head height (see ‘Specification’). Keep the hose as short and straight as possible. Ensure it does not kink as this would restrict the water flow

IMPORTANT: Kinked or otherwise obstructed hoses lead to reduced pump capacity and may lead to pump damage through overheating.

Adjusting the float switch

  1. To adjust the cut-in and cut-out height, attach the Float Switch  cable to the Float Switch Lock at the required length

Submerging & lifting the pump

  1. The pump must be submerged below the water level (see ‘Specification’)
  2. Use the rope attached to the Lifting Handle to position the pump underwater. NEVER attempt to move the pump by pulling or manipulating the power cable
  3. Ensure that the pump sits vertically on even ground. Check that the Water Inlets are not obscured in any way. If the bottom surface is soft, the pump should be supported on a flat object or be suspended using the rope attached to the handle
  4. ONLY use the rope to lift the pump out of the water after use
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