Jacuzzi Dealer Awards 2020 - Customer Service Winner

Outdoor Living have just been awarded with the renowned Jacuzzi® Dealership Customer Service award for 2020. With impeccable products and fine-tuned customer service, Paul Margerison and Kevin Newby have excelled in their efforts to make Outdoor Living a household name. Even DIY SOS and Hull’s very own Rugby team have sang their praises about the hot tub specialists.

hull fc outside outdoor living

From Lisbon to the Living Room

As fancy as award ceremonies get, the Jacuzzi® Brand group rank top of the list when it comes to holding events that see their contributors setting sail across the globe. When its not the lavish city of Lisbon, you’ll see the team in the beautiful Stirling Castle in Scotland. The lengthy list of VIP retailers for these conferences spur the networking of people and ideas, and drive forward the brand. Through exciting dinner parties and fancy gala’s, winners of such awards are able to rub shoulders with big names.

Outdoor Living is no stranger to this type of shindig as they achieved Hot Tub Retailer of the Year 2019.  And a hands on service is their ethos, it is a true shame that the team couldn’t participate in an extravagant event this year. But, huge campaigns of their own means that the Yorkshire company are used to being in the spotlight. Kudos has been given for the continuous donations and tentative customer service, from the Jacuzzi® EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) conference, Venice and even our humble BBC’s DIY SOS team.

Hot Tub Barbarians

It is no surprise that Outdoor Living are acknowledged for their outstanding jacuzzi® dealership and customer service this year, having the track record they do. They are faithful suppliers to the industry that makes Humberside and Yorkshire folk proud a-like. That’s why, in response to their on-going support both on and off the field, some of Hull FC team shared a personalised message congratulating Outdoor Living for all their attributes.

You can watch the video here.

Witnessing the consistent success of the team is just one reason why Outdoor Living works in partnership with Hull FC, and vice versa. Despite the abundance of awards under their belt, it is the Jacuzzi® Dealership and Customer Service award of 2020 that amplifies what they do best. Ensuring the promotion of hygienic, safe, luxurious yet affordable hot tubs isn’t an easy challenge to tackle yet it doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Service with a smile

Paul Margerison shares the news of his most recent accolade by stating, ‘It is a pleasure to be recognised in such a prestige award ceremony that sheds a true representation on what we are all about as a business.’ But as this business has overcome the consequences of the pandemic by adapting, so has the awards industry.

With innovative ways to ensure winners get the ceremony they deserve , the team were given a virtual nod of approval for what they’ve done this last year. They were granted winners of the award and undoubtedly celebrated like they know how (minus the guests and fancy hotels!). It is a merit to local momentum and shows the dedication it takes for Paul and Kevin to maintain above-average production and incredible customer service. Outdoor Living will continue to secure awards under their belt as they power on through the pandemic like a bubbling Jacuzzi® itself. 

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