Roxanne Pallett joins the launch of Jacuzzi hot tub centre in Leeds

Following a visit to Outdoor Living Ltd in Hull a year ago, actress Roxanne Pallett has her own Jacuzzi® hot tub.
Roxanne joined the party to launch Outdoor Living's new Jacuzzi Hot Tub Centre in Leeds earlier this year, where she had a photo shoot and interview with hot tub consumer magazine, Whatspa, and talked with local customers about why she wouldn’t be without her Jacuzzi hot tub.
I just love my Jacuzzi® hot tub beams Roxanne. It’s something I look forward to at the end of the day. It’s perfect when you’ve got a hectic schedule, to take some time to chill and relax in your own home. Or you can get the girls round and tell them to bring their bikini’s for a great night in. We’ve had so much fun since I got my Jacuzzi hot tub. On the royal wedding day, the girls came round and we had champagne in the tub. The dress code was BYOB – bring your own bikini!
Plus it’s really good for your body as well continues Roxanne, I find that if I go in my hot tub at night, I sleep so much better. I can go from filming something really full on, to a theatre role which means I’m wide awake at night, so my body clock can be all over the place. Since getting my Jacuzzi hot tub, I unwind and have the best night’s sleep! I’ve also noticed a difference in my skin and my muscles don’t ache anymore – it’s like getting a massage and having a relaxing bath all at once! If you think about how much money you spend on holidays or at health spas, you have to keep doing it to keep on benefitting from it – I just need my Jacuzzi hot tub at home now. I don’t waste money on treatments or anything, once you get a Jacuzzi hot tub you get everything massaged and my skin feels really soft afterwards. It’s wonderful.
Jacuzzi go above and beyond with style. I think it’s the classiest looking brand of hot tubs. I’ve looked at other hot tubs but Jacuzzi was the first brand that made me think if I’m going to get a hot tub, these are the ones to get. The jets are just right for a good massage and there’s so much variety. Plus there are all the other incentives, like I love mine for the music, I’ve got my disco anthems at the ready! You can even play your iPod through it. I love them, they’re just amazing. My neighbour has got one now too and I’m suddenly seeing a lot more of my friends!
Paul Margerison, joint Managing Director of Outdoor Living was pleased with the event. It’s a great chance to see our customers returning again for accessories or to introduce us to their friends and family. I love the new showroom and think we’re in a good location for customers to visit us. I can’t wait to introduce Leeds to the Jacuzzi hot tub experience!
The evening in May was a huge success and Roxanne now appears on the front cover of Whatspa magazine 2011.
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