Our Top 10 Entries of HTOTY 2020

For the past few months, we’ve been on the hunt to find the ultimate ‘Hot Tub of the Year’ for 2020, the winner will receive a free year’s supply of hot tub chemicals.

From man-cave haven’s to tropical paradises, we have not been disappointed! We’ve been impressed with the various innovative set up’s that have been created to get the best experience and it’s great to hear how the hot tubs are being utilised, whether it’s to wind down after a long day at work or a get together with friends.

As the votes continue to pour in, we’ve decided to share with you our top 10 favourite entries so far.

A Man-cave Haven – Simon Evans, Solihull

This hot tub set up is every man’s dream: a TV for sports, beer and the outdoors – what more could a man want? Simon has added in a beer fridge alongside his tub, in easy reach so you don’t have to get out when you want a drink. As well as this, he’s also added two built-in beer tap brackets to have his very own kegs of beer. He said the inspiration for his outdoor concept came from his childhood growing up in New Zealand, hiking up Mount Ngauruhoe.

Hot tub with tv and alcohol bottles


Party Central – Caroline Clark, Leighton Buzzard

Caroline’s hot tub is the place to party, as well as enjoying quiet chats. This image is taken from her son’s 2019 Graduation party where he is joined with his fellow medics. Their career start hasn’t been an easy one due to coronavirus and they’ve really been thrown in at the deep end. Caroline says she can’t wait to treat them all as a thank you back in their Jacuzzi once everything is safe and back to normal. We absolutely love this and applaud all of those on the front line for their hard work!

 Group of people in a hot tub

Rest & Relaxation – Sandy Powdrell, Hull

Sandy says her hot tub is her woman cave for relaxing after a long, hard day as a key worker and is the perfect set up to manage her stress levels and improve her resilience. We can’t think of a better way to wind down than a nice soak in our Jacuzzi hot tubs, we especially love the addition of the colourful wall art in the back and candles for that added relaxation and homely feel.

Hot tub with candles and bubbles


Sunset Heaven – Debbie Musgrave, Brandesburton

What a view! This hot tub is in the perfect location right next to the lakeside in Brandesburton. Debbie says that the hot tub is a great way to relax during the day but even more fantastic on an evening whilst watching the sunset with a glass of Gin. We think this looks like a beautiful location to wind down, especially on those late summer evenings and would make the perfect getaway location. The glass balustrade is a great addition too, making sure you don’t miss any part of the view.

Hot tub with pink orange sunset


Tropical Paradise – Rachel Armstrong, Redcar

Rachel’s hot tub set up gives you a taste of tropical paradise without having to leave the back garden. We love all of the additions she has made to the enclosure, especially the skylight windows to make the most of the natural sunlight and to do a spot of stargazing on a night.

We’d love to have a cocktail or two in this Hawaiian themed sanctuary!

Hot tub with gazebo and Hawaiian decorations


Stargazing Sanctuary – Scott von Poulton, Berkshire

Scott has designed the perfect spot for his hot tub, adding mood lighting and a gas fire pit to create a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. He’s even got glazed windows on the gazebo roof which is perfect for staring up at the sky on a starry night with his favourite relaxing music playing from the Jacuzzi Bluetooth system.

We think this is a great modern look and the perfect set up for use all year round, giving that extra feeling of warmth during colder nights with the fire pit.

 Hot tub with gazebo, outdoor seating and fire pit

Garden Getaway – Stephen Ferguson, Hampshire

This Mediterranean inspired set up is the perfect garden getaway. Stephen said he wanted to create a room like effect that helped de-stress the family, especially during the recent lockdown. We think he’s done a great job of making the area a stress-free zone and the neutral-toned colours with the blue give us that summer holiday feeling.

Mediterranean inspired hot tub set up with brown decking and a fire oven

Japanese Woodlands – Michelle Taylor, East Sussex

Michelle’s hot tub set up is placed perfectly in her Japanese inspired garden, surrounded by acres of woodland and she says they experience tranquillity and relaxation with their hot tub all year round. The peaceful atmosphere comes across clearly within the image and we really love the colourful surrounding of Michelle’s hot tub and how it is fitted into the decking, making it easy to get in and out as you please.

Hot tub sunken into decking and surrounded by colourful woodland

Family Fun – Rebecca Lacey, Barrow on Humber

Rebecca’s hot tub set up is perfect for family celebrations, even the dog wants to get involved! This image is taken from her parents golden wedding anniversary party, with the children enjoying time in the hot tub. We love how the hot tub has been set up beside a seating area so that everyone can still spend quality time together, whether they’re in the hot tub or not. Rebecca says they enjoy their tub with music, lights and bubbles but they also like to use it to wind down whilst listening to the birds sing. Sounds like the best way to spend the day, especially during lockdown!

Gazebo covered hot tub surrounded by people and a dog

World of Entertainment – Andre Bronswyk, Newcastle

You’ll never get bored at Andre’s house. His set up is the ultimate secluded entertainment area, with music, a bar and even a changing room! We love the refreshing blue and cream colour scheme going on here as it gives off calming vibes, as well as reminding us of the sandy beach. The addition of the bar is a great idea and perfect for a garden get together with friends and family. We’d love to join this party!

Hot tub surrounded by cream and blue decor and a bar

That concludes our top 10 favourite entries so far. If you haven’t entered yet, you’ve got until the 17th of September 2020 when the competition ends. Take a look at who’s leading the competition with the most votes here.

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