Our Top 10 HTOTY Entries of 2021

2021 has raised the trend of hot tubs and homemade bars across the country. If you don’t own a hot tub haven, it’s guaranteed you’ll know someone that does. The iconic garden accessory has been the escapism we’ve needed after the lift of lockdown and the nations gone mad for the craze.

We’ve taken to our gardens to create the perfect retreat, with no restrictions or traffic light systems preventing us from rest and relaxation.

Our 2021 Hot Tub of the Year competition has provided hot tub inspiration to the nation. From a homemade Tiki bar to a hot tub nestled next to a heated pool, here are our top 10 set-ups for this year.


Once a neglected area, over-run by rogue weeds and grass, lockdown helped uncover a space fit for a hot tub in this beautiful garden.

The quirky cottage, coloured plant pots and, sleek stoned area make this set up the perfect outdoor escape. Nestled between leafy trees, this hot tub is the perfect private paradise to be enjoyed year after year.



Less is more when it comes to this couple’s tranquil tub. As front line workers they wanted to enjoy an ambient space they could call their ‘happy place’ and aid positive mental health.

With subtle fairy lights and warm bubbles under a calming blue light, there’s no room for distractions from the stars above.



This optical feast just couldn’t be missed from our list! Attention to detail has been key throughout this theme, from a fitting tropical hot tub roof to a quirky Tiki Bar for a rum punch (or two!). With palm trees beside the pond and a handmade wooden sign, this garden is the ultimate tropical paradise.  

Who needs Hawaii when you have this set-up on your doorstep?


Featuring the Jacuzzi ® J375 ™, this set-up packs a punch in its modern surroundings.  

The sunset projects a hazy blanket of orange and pink hues over the set-up, a sight that can be soaked up for hours. With external lighting and plenty of space around the tub, this set-up is the perfect night-time escape to sit back, relax and enjoy being outdoors.



After moving to their dream home on the first day of lockdown, the fantasy of creating a bikini-worthy backyard became a reality for this couple.

By not letting anything get in their way, they continued to work hard on their set-up and it has truly paid off. With plenty of space on the decking, friends and family can now share the joys of what they have achieved – a project built all by themselves!   



This set-up is a fruit of the whole family’s labour, with a homemade bar and interior for the tub to sit in.
The owners even designed and made their own plaques to showcase their family morals, a warm reminder when they are spending time together. Their selfless job entails cleaning for the vulnerable, so a place to rest and relax with loved ones is well deserved, especially in a set-up like this! 



There is always a reason to smile when your back garden looks as bright and

beautiful as this one! Though the hot tub is the focus point with its captivating base and waterfall feature, the streams of light make for the most relaxing evening.

The wooden pergola over the tub allows a great backdrop for all the beautiful fairy lights, creating a magical ambiance once the sun goes down.  


Where do we begin with this outstanding view! The trendy rattan furniture is a perfect viewing spot of the Jacuzzi ® J345 ™ and heated swimming pool.

A wonderful wide, open space, this garden is stylish and practical. When the clouds disappear on a summer’s day, you’ll feel like you could be anywhere.

Sit back and relax on the Italian travertine, pour yourself an Aperol Spritz and, enjoy a staycation from home. 


There’s nothing as peaceful as submerging yourself in a hot tub with a view as sublime as this.

When the summer nights draw in, the sprinkling of lights from the neighbouring cabins makes for a pretty sight. This picturesque view can be soaked up all day, only getting better as the evenings get closer.



This hot tub set-up is far from seasonal now the owner has made the shelter himself!

Earthy textures and tones run consistently throughout the area, giving a warm and inviting ambience for close ones. Natural light bounces around the hut so it’s always golden hour on a summer’s day. The versatile materials transform the scene during the seasons too, keeping it warm in winter.

So there you have it, the most inspiring hot tub set-ups across the UK for 2021.

Here at Outdoor Living, we love seeing your creative spaces and how you’ve designed your hot tub set-up.

Want to see more of what you could be competing against? Check out last year’s top ten entries over on our blog and if you think you have a showstopping set-up, enter before 22nd September.

Not only will you be crowned Hot Tub of the Year 2021, but you will also be gifted with a two-night staycation in the heart of Yorkshire.

Discover more, and enter our competition here: Hot Tub of the Year 2021.


Good luck!  

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