tubhub Deluxe Floating Hot Tub Tablet Dispenser

tubhub Deluxe Floating Hot Tub Tablet Dispenser

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Features we love
  • Feeder for 20g bromine, chlorine tablets or oxygen tablets
  • Slow release and safe dosing of hot tubs, swim spas & pools 
  • 5 calibrated settings to release the correct dosage 
  • Weighted bottom cap keeps it floating upright
  • Easy refilling with removable cap 
  • Twist lock lid keeps tablets safe and in place
  • Pop up indicator shows when the dispenser is empty 
All about me

Looking for a convenient way to dispense chlorine, bromine, or oxygen tablets in your pool or hot tub? Our tubhub floating dispenser has got you covered!

This handy dispenser easily and safely releases tablets into your water, so they dissolve slowly and evenly. Fill the dispenser with your choice of tablets, select your dosage settings, and let it do the work for you. 

The weighted floating design makes sure the dispenser stays accessible and upright, no matter where you place it in your pool or hot tub. A pop up indicator will let you know when it’s time to replace with a new tablet. Make chemical maintenance a breeze!

How to use

Remove bottom cap from the dispenser, fill feeder tube with your choice of 20g sanitiser tablet, then replace bottom cap. Adjust to your desired dosage settings and secure lid with lock ring. The pop up indicator will show when you need to replace the tablet. 


What is a floating dispenser?

A floating dispenser or feeder gradually releases sanitiser from chemical tablets in your hot tub, swim spa or pool. They’re ideal for chlorine and bromine tablets. 

Are floating chlorine dispensers any good?

Use floating chemical dispensers for slow release and safe dissolving in your hot tub of chlorine, bromine or oxygen tablets. Hot tub tablet dispensers take the hassle out of chemical dosing to spas on a regular basis.

If you need more advice on keeping your tub water sparkling fresh, read our hot tub maintenance guide.


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