Hot Tub Accessories & Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

If you're a hot tub enthusiast or know someone who loves a soak session, you've come to the right place! Whether you're stuck for gift ideas or looking to elevate your spa experience, we've delved into the realm of hot tub accessories to find the perfect presents.

From luxurious indulgences that enhance your comfort, to practical solutions that protect your hot tub, we've curated a handpicked selection that'll create a pampering paradise.

Let's dive in and get started…

Aromatherapy gifts

Hot tub scented bombs

For those who love to relax, why not try our luxurious range of hot tub aromatherapy. Designed to enhance your experience and leave your skin feeling moisturised, all our hot tub scents have been specifically designed for tub use.

Our wide range of hot tub aromatherapy include crystals, spa bombs and beads that all help to soothe aches and pains, there’s something to suit everyone.

Check out our aromatherapy in your hot tub guide to discover more.

Dry off in style

Jacuzzi bathrobe

There’s nothing better than wrapping a warm, soft towel or luxurious bathrobe around yourself after a relaxing dip in your hot tub.

Our Jacuzzi hot tub robe is made from the finest quality Egyptian cotton, providing a silky-smooth feeling against your skin.

The perfect hot tub drinkware

Hot tub martini glass

Partial to the odd tipple? We offer a great selection of champagne flutes, wine glasses, coolers and tumblers for you to enjoy a drink while relaxing in your hot tub. All our drinkware is plastic and safe to use in and around your tub. Check out our range of hot tub glassware.

Floating drinks holder



Also, don’t forget you’ll need somewhere to put your drinks can when you’re in the tub. The cool float is insulated and will keep your can cool when floating in the water.

Our spa caddy table is a handy piece of kit you’re sure to need for your tub. It simply attaches to the side of your hot tub and has a swivel top so you can find the perfect place for your drinks and snacks.

Create an underwater light show

Under water light show

Get the party started with a fantastic floating light show. Creating a disco effect in your hot tub, the product floats on the surface of the water while projecting a rainbow of lights onto the bottom and sides.

Our underwater light show offers seven different modes and projects approximately 10-15 feet in diameter. There’s no need to worry about remembering to turn it off at the end of your party – these lights have a cleaver auto shut-off timer.

Add a little fun to your tub

children's hot tub waterproof plastic playing cards

If you’re looking to entertain guests while you indulge in the hot tub, we have a great range of games and children’s toys suitable for use in your tub. Waterproof playing cards are perfect for a game of ‘Go Fish’ or try something more challenging like our reversible magnetic games board – play either chess, checkers or backgammon.

Novelty hot tub thermometer


For something a little quirkier why not gift a novelty spa thermometer to a fellow hot tub owner. An essential hot tub accessory, these thermometers bring a bit of fun to your tub while monitoring the temperature. Another fun but practical accessory for your hot tub is a novelty dispenser. This product helps keep your water clean and safe by dispensing either bromine or chlorine tablets into the water through its adjustable flow regulator.

*Please note these products are novelty items and are not suitable for children.

Hot tub covers & lifters

Lay-Z-Spa Cover

Hot tub covers are vital for keeping your tub insulated and can help keep running costs down. We always recommend getting a hot tub cover specifically designed for your make and model. We stock a wide range of Jacuzzi, Sundance Spas, Arctic Spas and our own brand of covers.

If you are unsure which one you need, just get in touch.

Investing in a hot tub cover lifter will save time, providing a more convenient and safer way to protect your tub when not in use. The lifter safely suspends your cover behind your hot tub, creating an extra bit of privacy while enjoying the bubbles.

Outdoor Living online gift card

Why not treat a fellow hot tub owner to an Outdoor Living gift card? Our gift cards are available in denominations of £10, £15, £25, £50, £100 and are ideal for Christmas, birthdays and all other special occasions. Available to purchase at all Yorkshire hot tub showrooms.

Parting advice

There you have it! Our top hot tub gifting ideas for the whole family. Shop our full range of spa accessories here and get next working day delivery!

Need more advice? Give us a call on 01482 212322 or email and we’ll help you out. Or drop in and see us in our Hull or Leeds showrooms to see our hot tub accessories range for yourself. 

Not near one of our Yorkshire hot tub showrooms? No problem, if you’re looking for a new hot tub you can explore our virtual showroom or book a video call with our showroom team.

Stay up to date with our latest products, hot tub guides and updates on Facebook or Instagram.

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