Outdoor Living Celebrates 15 Years of Trusted Service

This year Outdoor Living is celebrating 15 years in business thanks to the loyalty of over ten thousand customers and the dedication of over 30 members of staff. As a company, we are proud of the contributions we have made to the hot tub community over the years. We love hearing back from our customers, old and new, about the difference a hot tub has made to their lives and loved ones.

We wanted to take the time to look back over the past 15 years to see where we have come from as a company and some of the key highlights during our journey.

Hull Hot Tub Showroom


It was in 2004 that Outdoor Living Limited became official. The first trading location was a small unit in Tokenspire Business Park in Beverley. The unit was perfect for our hot tub displays and with our Director Paul, the face of the hot tub business running the show it was sure to succeed.


After a year in business and growing sales it became apparent we needed some extra help and that’s when Outdoor Living invested in our first forklift. The biggest investment was the purchase of our present showroom today on Clive Sullivans Way. The original premises were offices so a huge refurbishment was carried out from getting the keys on 10th March and the showroom officially opened its doors on 1st July.


With a bigger showroom sale of hot tubs quickly grew and we needed a warehouse to match. Outdoor Living purchased the warehouse and distribution centre which is located down the road from the showroom.


A huge leap for Outdoor Living was securing the dealership of the Jacuzzi® brand for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Having the brand which invented the hot tub provided great strength to Outdoor Living and allowed us to provide a high-quality brand to our customers which went hand in hand with the family customer service we wanted to provide.


Yorkshire is a big place and we wanted to provide our products and services to the many so we invested in a second showroom in Redbrick Mill to reach customers in West Yorkshire.


Although the hot tub market in West Yorkshire gave us more completion we continued to develop and in 2011 the decision was made to rent a stand-alone showroom in Leeds which gave us more space to showcase the products. Jacuzzi® also recognised Outdoor Living in awarding the Jacuzzi® UK Retailer of the Year.


For the second year in a row Outdoor Living was awarded the Jacuzzi® UK Retailer of the Year. The decision was made to diversify the invest online, thus Outdoor Living Online was born. Outdoor Living Online is owned and run by Outdoor Living providing chemicals, filters, accessories and hot tubs parts to the whole of Europe.


The business continued to grow and for two years Outdoor Living won the Jacuzzi® award for Most Hot Tub Sold in UK, Europe and Asia. In 2014 after stringent applications the first Outdoor Living TV advert was created and shown on ITV. You can watch the advert!


An apparent gap appeared in the market; many customers wanted a gazebo to house their hot tubs but a standard gazebo does not have enough room for a hot tub cover lifter. Therefore, the Brentano gazebo was born. The gazebo has changed in design slightly over the year but incorporate the clear top dome which is a customer favourite and is designed and manufactured in our wood shop. The gazebo was designed by our installation manager, Brent – hence the name, Brentano.


As the market of hot tub popularity grows across the country a new commercial branch of Outdoor Living launched as Holiday Parks began purchasing hot tubs for their guests. That year Outdoor Living secured two new awards: Jacuzzi® Best Holiday Park Installation and The Jacuzzi® UK, Europe and Asia for Best Marketing Initiative.


For the second year running Outdoor Living was awarded The Jacuzzi® UK, Europe and Asia for Best Marketing Initiative. The Sundance® Spas distribution was also secured which gave our customers an even wider choice of hot tub products. 2017 was a big year for Outdoor Living with regards to hot tub sales and currently stands as out largest number of hot tub sales for the year.


That brings us full circle to 15 years at 2018 and now employing over 30 members of staff across two showrooms. The past 15 years have flown by for Outdoor Living and we could never have done it without the help and support of our many customers.

Hear is to another 15 years of Trusted Service!

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