Hot Tub Confessions: Read the nations secrets!


hot tub confessions revealed

On December 11th, we launched a survey to discover some of the weird and wonderful things hot tub users get up to while soaking in their tubs. The results are in and we've put together some of the best confessions for you to enjoy!

Looking at all of the confessions we received, we found three figures that shocked us the most:

  • 87% of hot tub owners in Yorkshire admit to skinny dipping in either daylight or darkness, not at all bothered by what the neighbours think!

  • 20% of hot tub owners in Yorkshire admitted to telling a lie so they could spend some time alone in their tubs without anyone knowing.

  • And finally, a surprising 11% of hot tub owners in Yorkshire admitted to partying alone in their hot tubs!

Closely following Yorkshire, 73% of hot tub owners in Derbyshire admitted to skinny dipping in their hot tubs and so did 59% of hot tub owners in Lancashire!

Our survey's top 3 most confident counties are all based in the North of England. Could it simply be that the North know how to have more fun than the South?

"The neighbours were pestering to use the hot tub, but I'd forgotten I hadn't dosed the hot tub with chemicals in a while. Weeks later our neighbours told us that everyone had been struck down with mysterious chest infections..."

Anonymous, West Midlands

"We like to use the tub naked when it's dark enough so the neighbours can't see!"

Anonymous, South East

"Once or twice, I've snuck into my neighbours garden and used their hot tub when I know they've been away. Shh!"

Anonymous, East Midlands

"If we don't have guests staying in our holiday cottage, we'll indulge in the jacuzzi ourselves!"

Anonymous, South West

"After a great day windsurfing, 10 of us piled into the hot tub. The next day I noticed the pump did not start, there was not enough water and so Archimedes' principle proved."

Anonymous, South West

"There's nothing better than relaxing in my tub naked, I don't care if the neighbours can see!"

Anonymous, East Yorkshire

"I tell my family I'm going out and sneak into my garden through the side gate. Lovely, peaceful chill time to myself."

Anonymous, South Yorkshire

"I enjoy turning up the music and taking a few beers into the hot tub with me. The karaoke gets quite intense when Katy Perry comes on. I swear it's good entertainment for the neighbour."

Anonymous, North Yorkshire

"Skinny dipping baby!"

Anonymous, North Yorkshire

"I've peed in my tub on multiple occasions. Hasn't everyone though? Lol!"

Anonymous, North West

At the end of the survey, we randomly selected one winner to receive a £100 gift card to spend with Outdoor Living. Our winner's confession came from Yorkshire:

"My wife always takes off her swimsuit to get out of the tub and walks across the garden naked. Believe me, this is not a nice sight from behind! I prefer to stay in the hot tub. (Haha)"

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