Hot Tub of the Year 2021 Winner

The winner of Hot Tub of the Year 2021 has officially been crowned!

Congratulations to Lee and Karine Richards with their “Home-made Hut!”

Securing a staggering 522 votes, Lee’s hot tub set-up won the public vote with his hard labour, building  the hut himself.

wooden shelter over a hot tub with furniture inside

With over 8.5K pairs of eyes flicking through the entries to choose a winner, the race for the crown was tight! 

The nation’s favourite was the Richards’ dream that turned in to a reality. Longing to possess a haven for the ultimate soak, the couple upgraded their hot tub set-up back in April, replacing their tired inflatable tub with an acrylic hot tub. 

Lee told Outdoor Living, I certainly didn't think we would win because there are quite a few incredibly classy build others have done. I fully expected one of those to win as they blew me away.”

Go discover our top voted HTOTY entries and see if you have a favourite!

hot tub inside a wooden shelter with exposed beams and mesh sides

Inspired by wife Karine’s love for the seaside, Lee spent his spare time away from his business, Grasslands Ltd, to create a holiday feel at home.

Lee’s trade as a landscape contractor meant it was time he spoiled himself and his family with his skills.

He added, Our budget, including the hot tub, was £10K and as we always had inflatable hot tub’s  over the years, we just thought it was time to spoil ourselves.”

Their set-up included a brand new J235 hot tub and gorgeous rattan furniture for a trendy addition that sits well with the earthy textures of the hut.

wooden hut with leaf garlands, bunting, rattan furniture and exposed beams

The long days, hard graft and aches and pains are soon forgotten when Lee and his wife jump into the hot tub.

I have actually talked a few of my friends into getting a hot tub as the sheer delight of relaxing after a day’s work is just bliss.

They aren't expensive to run in my opinion, especially with the joy they give so if you think you might like one... let me tell you, you will!” Lee told us.

He added, “Opening a bottle of wine, setting off the jets and putting the world to rights with our daughter, Katelyn is the best thing about the hot tub.”

j235 hot tub beside palm trees and garlands

As autumn approaches, this hut will continue to be a hive of laughter, cosy evenings and quality family times.

The fun doesn’t stop in this hut however, as we’re giving Lee and his wife a two-night stay at the renowned, Rocklands Lodges in their hot tub suite.

Nestled between two picturesque farms in North Yorkshire, the stay will provide a well-earned break for this couple. 

The competition winner shared, We are all blown away with winning this competition.

I can only thank all our friends and family who helped share it and all my work colleagues I deal with on my many maintenance contracts, that all helped too.

Thank you so much for this amazing gift, it really has lifted us just when we needed it.”

Paul Margerison, Sales Director at Outdoor Living said, “This has been another amazing year for our Hot Tub of the Year competition. There were some spectacular set-ups and the competition was tough! Thank you to everyone who took part. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.”

Feeling inspired? Maybe you’ve got a picture-perfect dream project you want to turn into  reality?

You can take a look our collection of hot tubs here, or go look at the competition gallery and see how you can take your back garden to the next level with a hot tub.

We caught up with last years winners at Craig Villa to see how they celebrated being crowned Hot Tub of the Year 2020.

We can’t wait to see how Lee and his family celebrate this wonderful prize.

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