Hull FC Elite Performance Partner

Last year Outdoor Living Sponsored the Hull FC warm up tops with incredible success. The sponsorship was incredibly successful for Outdoor Living and as always, we are proud to keep it local! With this in mind, we couldn’t wait to join forces with the incredible global brand Jacuzzi® to become an Elite Performance Partner for the 2020 Betfred Super League season and beyond.

Hull FC has marked this partnership as one of their most exciting and significant in their 115-year history. This partnership has given Jacuzzi® naming rights to the club’s first-team training ground, now known as the Jacuzzi® Elite Performance Centre. Outdoor Living installed an impressive hydrotherapy hot tub in the centre which we hope will aid in recovery and performance of the team.

Many of our customers will have seen the Outdoor Living Logo alongside Jacuzzi® and on the back of the new warm-up jersey. If you look closely you can see it features the names of every member of the Hull FC Hall of Fame.

Hull FC Chief Executive, James Clark commented on the partnership:

“This is one of the most significant partnerships in the club’s recent history and shows how sports partnerships are evolving.

“Jacuzzi® will not only engage with our club through commercial activation but will play a key role in the elite performance of our players throughout the season in terms of preparation and recovery.

It is encouraging to see one of the world’s most recognisable brands sharing our values and aligning themselves to our club and our sport, which is a positive reflection on our strategic commercial growth and the rising notability of the Super League competition.

We are excited to see the relationship develop over the coming years and would like to thank Duncan Simcox, Andy Bewicke and their team for their commitment to Hull FC and we’re looking forward to seeing the exciting activation come to life over the coming months as we help tell the Jacuzzi® story.”

Look out for Jacuzzi® across various club events over the season. They will also be the headline sponsorship of the club’s limited edition 2020 Magic Weekend shirts which will be unveiled this spring, as well as featuring on the club’s 2020 and 2021 principal and alternate jerseys. Outdoor Living will be featured on many of these, both on and off the field.

One of the major benefits of the partnership for the first-team squad is a brand-new recovery pool being installed on-site at the training ground, helping aid the recovery and performance of members of the first-team squad, with the hydrotherapy element possessing proven benefits towards both pain reduction and flexibility. Hull FC spoke to their Head of Elite Performance, Paul Hatton, to find out more about the importance of recovery and performance:

“Recovery is probably the most important part of what the players do on a day to day basis. We want the players recovered and straight into performance mode as soon as possible, so it’s the single most important thing in season,” Hatton told

“First and foremost, for us, the most important way you can implement the recovery process is through nutrition. Eating cleanly and as early as possible after a game is really important. But we also use pool recovery often, as well as ice baths, hot tubs, and saunas. We have an array of different methods we use to help the players recover.

In a way, that process of recovery is more crucial than the actual training that happens on the training field. You need the body to adapt as quickly as possible, so by giving it a stimulus, it speeds that process up so you’re ready to go again the next week.”

Often using water as part of their recovery process, Hatton added: “There are numerous benefits to using water as part of that process. Obviously, a lot of body weight is taken away due to the buoyancy, and it adds compression to the body too. We get the players doing a whole host of movements in the water.

“Having the pool on site is going to be of huge benefit to us. It’s an incredible bit of kit that has been installed, that includes some added performance packs too. The jets are really powerful which will benefit that massage process too.”

“About half the human population are under stress on a daily basis, including these players. They put their bodies through hell every day, so having that pool on site is a nice way to bring that relaxation factor into play which the boys need. To be able to take that stress away and encourage some relaxation is really beneficial.”

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