Halve your Hot Tub’s Energy Bills

There’s never been a better time to invest in lowering your spa’s running costs. Our air source heat pumps can save you up to 50% a year on your hot tub heating bills, while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Save the planet, save your pocket.

Air Source Heat Pumps

A sustainable, low carbon alternative
to traditional hot tub heating, saving you
up to £7,500 over the lifetime of your spa.

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Hot Tub Insulation

Save even more on your energy bills.
Adding high-quality insulation is a quick
and easy way to reduce costs.

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How will an air source heat pump benefit me?

Reduced running costs - up to 50% a year*

Your investment back after 2
years of use*

Reduced carbon footprint

A comfortable spa temperature with more warmth than a standard heater

Save up to £7,500 over the lifetime of your spa*

Heats down to external temperatures of -10°C**

Less time heating water in ambient temperatures above 15°C

Quick installation to save you money sooner

Frequently asked questions about heat pumps

What is an air source heat pump?

These innovative pumps heat the water in your hot tub or swim spa using renewable energy. They're a fantastic alternative to traditional heating systems and deliver up to three times more warmth.

How does an air source heat pump work?

These pumps push a refrigerant through the copper heat exchanger coils. Then, the compressor and condenser work together to change the refrigerant's state from a cool liquid to a warm gas. In heating mode, the liquid refrigerant boils as it travels through the coils. Any heat carried within the refrigerant is stored until it evaporates; then, the gas is compressed,which increases its temperature. Finally, the gas moves through a pressure valve, which returns it to a liquid state while transferring the heat to the element.

How much energy will l save?

Our tests showed that for every 1kW used, you will receive 2kW of energy in an environment of 10c. This efficiency improves with increased temperatures, rising to 4kW in temperatures over 20c.

Are air source heat pumps expensive to run?

Air-source heat pumps are an excellent investment. With one, you can earn back your investment after 2 years of use and enjoy up to 50% annual savings.*

*These savings are based on an average hot tub and UK energy costs when powered on permanently. Your savings may differ based on overall usage, weather, temperature, cover, insulation, changes in energy costs, and your hot tub's age and efficiency.

**The colder the ambient temperature and below 15°C, the longer it will take to heat up to your ideal working temperature.

Is an air source heat pump worth it?

If you wish to reduce your hot tub running costs, carbon footprint and energy bills, a heat pump is definitely worth it.

What's the average cost of air source heat pumps?

Our air source heat pumps start at £999. Over the next 2, years, you could make this investment back in energy savings.

More frequently asked questions

Are air source heat pumps noisy?

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No, our air source heat pumps are only 49dB.

How much will it cost to run a hot tub per day?

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With our air source heat pump, the average cost will be £1.37, compared to £2.74 without a pump.

How do I order?

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To purchase one of our heat pumps, follow the ‘add to basket’ button on the product page. From there, one of our experts will be in touch to carry out a free consultation on your garden and hot tub, to ensure the heat pump can be fitted safely. Our air source heat pump is compatible with all hot tubs/swim spas with a Balboa control system. If you’re unsure whether your hot tub is compatible, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help.

What insulation should I use for my hot tub?

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Every hot tub is built with space within the cabinet which can reduce the efficiency of a hot tub if it is not insulated properly by introducing cooler air and allowing heat to dissipate. Lots of hot tubs are built with insulation inside the hot tub, this prevents the heat escaping from the sides of the tub and makes your hot tub more efficient to run.

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