7 ways to make your hot tub a private paradise

Are nosy neighbours or faulty fence panels ruining your hot tub serenity?

Bringing something so divine as a hot tub into your back yard is supposed to bring nothing but pleasure to your routine.

However, if you struggle with your hot tub privacy because of a small or perhaps over-looked garden, you may need inspiration on what to do. Dive into our guide on how to utilise techniques old and new and discover hot tub privacy ideas that will turn your back garden in to your own secret escape.

outdoor living hot tub  

1.    Find your best angle

Let’s familiarise ourselves with the beauty of angles. We may know how to position ourselves correctly for the perfect selfie, but have you thought about the importance of knowing where to put your hot tub? Our specialists suggest that by ensuring your hot tub is on a solid level surface it can go pretty much anywhere in your outdoor space.

However, you may want to consider whether it will catch some un-wanted angles if you live in a built-up area. Finding sheltered corners can be difficult so seek professional consultation before you fit your hot tub. We also have a handy buying guide so you can get to grips with the placement of your tub before you purchase.

2.    Go for a gazebo

Perhaps the most elite garden accessory, the faithful gazebo can be a great way to privatise your swim-spa or Jacuzzi®. Though the standard fabric one you’ve had rotting away in your garage may not be easy on the eye, there are alternatives out there. The beauty of using a hot tub gazebo made from quality wood is enough to transform any old space and with the right care it will survive the years. Perfect for sheltering you from the uncertain British weather and captivating your surroundings.

outdoor living wooden gazebo over hot tub

3.    Turn heads with tapestries

Intricate designs on thin sheets of fabric aren’t only fit for countries known for its textiles. It is imaginable to create a world of your own from your back-garden by using tapestries to bring life to your private paradise. If you have a means of shelter around your hot tub that is in need for attention, picking a quirky design can transform your entire garden.

You also have the power of changing your tapestry to suit the vibe you are going for. For those with children, you can have hours fun by picking themes whilst creating a safe space for them to play.

4.    Free yourself with fencing

Similarly, to the Cedar Lodge gazebo, using wooden panels to dress your hot tub whilst you undress yourself is a simple way to create privacy in an outdoor space. Though there are many ways in which you can do this, using singular fence panels means even the complete novice can secure them in without needing much assistance.

Timber fencing can be put around the hot tub to enclose it, though you may want to think of ensuring shelter from up above. Timber gazebo’s are perfect for smaller spaces or tighter budgets.

5.    Hide behind a folding screen

Opting for a folding screen opens a series of doors for creativity when it comes to the over-all look of your garden. From retractable screens to decorative bamboo, using a material such as this is not only practical but imaginative too.

Screens allow you to be flexible with your private hot tub space. They can be removed at your leisure, so when you’re hit by the unpredictable British weather you can pull out your screen and protect yourself from the elements.

6.    Protect yourself with an parasol

The epitome of Britain doesn’t have to represent bad weather or dull days. It can in fact give it a modest seal of approval for privacy. An umbrella is a classic design that doesn’t have to swallow up too much space – especially if you buy one specifically designed to fit on your hot tub. It will allow the sun light to still poke through while protecting users from wind and un-wanted attention.

Don’t forget the umbrella must be the perfect fit for your hot tub to ensure practicality, a make-shift accessory from the garden will not do!

7.    Allow your creativity to flourish

Do you have more than green fingers when it comes to getting stuck into a garden projects? There’s no better way to utilise your old unloved objects than getting creative with your belongings to help achieve hot tub privacy.

Painting old panels or placing planters around your hot tub set up is a really on trend way to put your own stamp on your garden.

outdoor living hot tub outside on grass surrounded by plants

Turning your trash into treasure has never been so easy now we are thinking more about the environment. It is said that the Local Government Association has noticed an 80% increase in recycling since the pandemic. Recycling our pre-loved materials such as bottles and tins doesn’t mean that the bin is the only place for them. Using old broken furniture can ensure that you don’t only create inspirational privacy but a positive eco-footprint too.

The consensus

Having an outdoor spa means that you don’t have to wait for the weather to warm in order to submerse yourself in a water-wonderland, though these hot tub privacy ideas will help guarantee total satisfaction. Despite what material or method you use, making your hot tub space your own is the most important thing.

But, if there is a blind spot that you cannot reach when it comes to enclosing your hot tub, don’t forget a trusty yet luxurious robe may do the trick too! For more garden design ideas, check out our blog post for inspiration on your hot tub landscaping.
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