5 Hot Tub Accessory Ideas For Your Garden

A hot tub is a place to relax and unwind, reaping the hydrotherapy benefits to relieve stress and ease muscle aches and pains.

While a simple hot tub set-up can provide health benefits and leave a lasting impression on all your guests, why not consider additional hot tub accessories to enhance your overall experience.

We’ve got some great hot tub accessory ideas to help take your set-up to the next level. Read on to discover our favourite items that can support:

  • Usability

  • Safety

  • Entertainment

  • Comfort

  • Wellbeing

Let's dive in!

1. Usability

Want to get the most out of your set-up? Consider these hot tub accessories that can help when entering and exiting your private paradise, ensuring your experience can be enjoyed safely and efficiently right in the comfort of your back garden.

Hot tub steps

Be aware of slippery surfaces when stepping in and out of your hot tub. For easy ac-cess, why not consider some specially designed steps. Most steps come with anti-slip gripping material, meaning you can enter and leave your hot tub safely.

Our carefully selected assortment of dual riser hot tub steps have been designed for their durability and low maintenance meaning more time can be spent indulging in your hot tub.

What’s more, they are easy to assemble and made from durable polypropylene with a UV protected coating that helps prevent damage and fading from the sun’s rays.

Dual riser hot tub steps

Hot tub handrail

For support when entering or exiting your hot tub, a handrail can make the perfect addition to your setup. Even though your steps have an anti-slip surface, a hot tub handrail can provide extra support if you’re not very sturdy on your feet.

Featuring an ultra-sturdy design, a t-rail handrail won’t damage your hot tubs cabinet, with a quick and easy installation, you don’t need to drill any screw holes. Coated in a rust-free powder, this hot tub accessory will provide support when using your hot tub, year after year.

Hot Tub Handrail

A skimmer net

To help catch any floating insects, leaves and debris, a durable net is a practical hot tub accessory that can help with the maintenance of your water.  

The fine mesh will help catch even the smallest amount of debris from the surface of the water and its curved edge design means there are no sharp corners that could scratch the acrylic sides of your tub.

The telescopic pole can quickly be connected so you can reach over your hot tub with ease, without having to bend down and hurt your back.

a telescopic hot tub net

Foot bath

A foot bath is designed to clean your feet before entering your hot tub, so you don’t contaminate your hot tub water with grass, mud or anything else your feet may have picked up.

Highly affordable for any spa user, the unique scrub pads on the bottom of the bath will provide a gentle massage whilst gently removing any dirt off your feet.

a hot tub foot bath with unique scrub pads both on the centre console and blue bubbles

2. Safety

Hot tub safety is key with any set-up and there are certain accessories you can buy to improve on this and keep everyone safe in your garden.

Hot tub covers

A hot tub cover is a vital accessory to consider for keeping your hot tub insulated, running costs low and prolonging the life of your spa.
The covers are also designed to protect your tub from the elements, keep dirt and debris out, as well as providing a crucial addition to the safety of your set-up. It provides a guard between the water and your children and pets. It can save any accidents from happening, stopping anyone or anything from falling into the water.

Our range of hot tub covers are specifically designed by experts with first-hand knowledge, making sure you’ll get the best possible fit along with all the additional benefits – the reason why we advise buying genuine covers.

Lay-Z-Spa Cover

Cover lifter

Choosing a cover lifter will make your hot tub easier to access and use. This hot tub accessory removes the element of heavy lifting, allowing you to remove the cover without a struggle, so you can access your tub quickly and safely.

Cover lifters are available at affordable prices and are a practical accessory to own. You’ll be able to pull back your cover and leave it carefully suspended behind your hot tub whilst you sit back and relax.


Jacuzzi cover lifter

Cover clips

Cover clips can be used to secure your hot tub cover and add an element of security with a lock.

Hot tub cover clips are perfect for stopping children from accessing the spa when you are not around. They hold the cover in place securely and can be locked to prevent little hands fiddling and trying to remove the hot tub cover without an adult present.

Hot tub cover clips

Cover stands

A cover stand helps to hold your hot tub cover upright and off the ground to reduce wear and tear.

 A free-standing hot tub cover stand is the ideal solution for round or unusual shaped covers to prevent damage.

hot tub cover stand

3. Entertainment

Wondering how to spice your set-up? Consider lighting options for your next hot tub party and add some entertainment with waterproof toys and games.

Underwater lightshow

A floating light will bob along the surface of your water and project a rainbow of lights onto the bottom and sides of your hot tub.

By choosing this hot tub party accessory, you can really get the night started. Projecting a disco effect in your spa, all you’ll need to do is throw on some tunes and enjoy the company of your guests.

Bringing the entertainment to your very own back garden, an underwater light show can help create the atmosphere you need to party the night away.

Equipped with an automatic timer, there’s no need to worry about recalling whether you have turned off the lights at the end of the night. Just make sure you have some spare batteries so you can enjoy a light show night after night.

Under water light show

Waterproof playing cards 

Need to keep the kids entertained whilst you relax? Invest in a waterproof set of playing cards for hours of fun for the whole family.

Water-resistant and resilient against ripping and damage, there are endless card games you can play with a deck of cards.

Great for the kids, or for a hot tub date night, a waterproof set of cards can make a great addition to your set-up.

children's hot tub waterproof plastic playing cards

4. Comfort 

Create the set-up of your dreams by considering how to implement additional comfort to the hot tub in your garden.

Inflatable booster seat 

Providing something softer to sit on or offer a little boost, an inflatable booster seat is great for laying on your hot tub lounger seat, allowing you to lay back, keeping you in place to enjoy the benefits of the bubbles.

Easy to fill with your garden hose, and with suction cups to prevent the seat from floating or moving, a booster seat can be a great hot tub accessory for both adults and children.

inflatable booster seat for hot tub


Keep cosy at the end of your hot tub experience, by treating yourself to a luxurious bathrobe.

Invest in a Jacuzzi Egyptian cotton bathrobe to keep handy beside your hot tub. Great for date night, you’ll be able to wrap up and keep toasty, ready to carry on the relaxation inside with some drinks and treats. 

Sally Gunnell in a Jacuzzi Bathrobe

Hot tub table

Keep all your snacks and drinks safe when relaxing in your hot tub, with a hot tub table. The spa caddy design allows the top of the table to swivel into your spa, so items can be easily reached with no spillages.

This convenient table has a swivel mechanism to allow your hot tub cover to fit over the top of your tub without it getting in the way.

hot tub caddy table

5. Wellbeing

Laying back and relaxing in your hot tub has many benefits for both your mental and physical health. With additional hot tub accessories, you can take your hot tub up a notch to provide a spa experience from the comfort of your own home. Great for after a stressful day.

If you’re looking for more ideas on the health benefits your hot tub can provide, discover our article on hydrotherapy and find out more.

Aromatherapy salts

Aromatherapy hot tub scents can be used to add a relaxing aroma to your water, enhancing your hot tub experience and providing individual benefits based on each scent.  

A great addition to your hot tub water, our specifically designed aromatherapy salts will not harm the balance of your water and are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Add lavender salts to add a calming atmosphere or tea tree to feel refreshed, there’s a variety of scents to choose from depending on how you’re feeling.

You can read more information about hot tub aromatherapy in our guide

Jacuzzi hot tub scents

Test strips

Before taking a soak in your hot tub, it’s important to check the chemical balance of the water. Hot tub test strips are an essential accessory to monitor the chemical and alkalinity levels of your hot tub to ensure it is safe to use.

Keep your test strips to hand to make sure it’s an easy routine to follow before every session. With ease of use being key, all you need to do is quickly dip it in and out of your hot tub water and check the results are within the required levels.

For more information on checking the balance of your hot tub, read our article to find out about pH and total alkalinity.

hot tub test strips

Hot tub drinkware

Everybody makes the odd spillage, but why should this discourage you from wanting to drink and keep hydrated in your hot tub. With the extensive range of hot tub safe glassware, our specialised plastic hot tub drinkware makes it safe to have a refreshment in or near your hot tub.

It is essential to stay hydrated while spending time in your hot tub since the majority of users enjoy a hot tub temperature range between 36°C and 38°C. This is very warm, so using hot tub safe plastic cups and glasses are the perfect solution for staying hydrated when using your spa.

For more information about a hot tubs ideal temperature, read our what temperature should a hot tub be guide.

hot tub safe plastic drinkware

A hot tub is a great addition to any garden, and accessories can help enhance your experience that one step further. Don’t forget about ways in which you can take your setup to the next level.

Hot tub in a garden with glasses

Parting advice

There you have it! Our top accessories to get elevate your hot tub game. Shop our full range of spa accessories here and get next working day delivery!

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