Indoor vs Outdoor: Where Should I Install My Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are an impressive addition to any home, but unless you're looking for a portable inflatable hot tub, the foundation of deciding where the hot tub is installed could make or break your experience. It is important to establish where the perfect installation location is for you, to receive the ultimate hot tub experience in your home or garden.

First things first, let’s answer the basics. Can a hot tub be installed indoors?

Yes, you can install and enjoy a hot tub inside. It is slightly more complicated than an outdoor spa, so does require more planning.

Our experts have provided a guide to help you decide whether an indoor hot tub is the right choice for you and what factors you should think about before choosing your new hot tub set-up.

Considerations before installing an indoor hot tub

An indoor hot tub has a longer installation process than an outdoor hot tub. Understanding how you’ll get the hot tub indoors, filled and switched on all need to be thought about before going ahead with your installation.

Area of your home

Hot tub inside room

Firstly, it is important to consider the route for getting your hot tub inside and whether you have enough space to get the tub through door frames and into your designated spot. 

Consider the space around the spa once it has been installed, you need enough room to move freely around the tub for ease of access and to help with maintenance.

You also need to think about the foundation that the hot tub will sit on. It needs to be a flat, level surface that can support the weight of your new spa.


Another consideration when installing an indoor hot tub is the issue of height. Most people want a cover lifter to easily take the cover on and off. However, your hot tub cover will fold higher than a standard ceiling height and most regular garden gazebos.

Hot Tub Gazebo

This is why we specifically build our hot tub gazebos to take this height problem into consideration. However, it is important to remember that most indoor hot tubs will not be able to use a cover lifter, since most indoor rooms do not have enough ceiling clearance.

If having a cover lifter is an important accessory for you, you might have to consider an outdoor hot tub with more room instead.

Plumbing for your water source

Although most hot tubs cycle water through a self-contained plumbing system, you will need to fill the hot tub up and be able to empty it as part of the maintenance process.

Having a faucet with an attachable hose pipe installed in the hot tub room will allow you to easily fill your spa up and maintain its water levels.


With any indoor hot tub room, you need to consider ventilation. Having a good ventilation system will help control the humidity and condensation caused by the warm water in the tub. 

When using your hot tub inside, open some of your windows or even a door and consider purchasing a dehumidifier. This should help reduce any moisture absorption on the walls and floors.

Use of chemicals

Hot Tub Bromine

The smell of chemicals can be a lot stronger when inside, so consider opting for a milder hot tub chemical to maintain your hot tub water.

Hot tub bromine granules are a great alternative to chlorine. Still highly effective for sanitising your water, bromine is also softer on your skin and has a less powerful smell. If you have really sensitive skin, odourless oxygen might be a better choice.

Please be aware you cannot mix chemicals as this can be dangerous. We have a range of maintenance and schedule guides to help you sanitise your hot tub correctly, check out our bromine hot tub maintenance guide for more advice.


Drainage is needed so you can clean the cabinet and change the filters of your hot tub before refilling.

Most hot tubs have a drain valve either on the bottom of the cabinet or just inside the cabinet. It is important to follow the instructions that came with your hot tub to do this correctly because otherwise, you could damage your spa.

Investing in a submersible pump will allow you to quickly and easily drain your hot tub if you are unable to access the drain valve.

Electricity sources

All hot tubs need a power supply to function. One pump hot tubs require a 13AMP supply, whereas larger hot tubs will need a 32AMP power supply or more.

By law, we need to make sure your electric supply is safe before installing your hot tub. For more information about electrical guidelines for your spa in our guide.

The pros of an indoor hot tub

Indoor hot tub with candles

An indoor hot tub provides a secluded hot spot for your private getaway.  No need to worry about any prying eyes, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in a covered shelter, away from the elements and any noise.

There are plenty of indoor hot tub ideas to take your hot tub experience to the next level. Whether you’re after an outdoor garden building or you’ve got the perfect place in your own home, a hot tub makes a great addition as long as you pick the right space.  


The biggest advantage of installing an indoor hot tub is having that sense of privacy. Whether you live in an urban neighbourhood or somewhere more secluded, installing your hot tub inside could protect you from any snooping neighbours.


Both indoor and outdoor hot tubs are a convenient way to create a spa experience in your own home. It can however be argued that indoor hot tubs create the ultimate level of convenience, as you have easy access to your hot tub without having to move very far. An instant relaxing retreat, you’ll be able to take a soak whenever you need a little escape from the stresses of daily life. 


A huge advantage to owning an indoor hot tub or Lay-Z-Spa is the shelter it provides. An indoor hot tub allows you to brush away any issues the weather forecast could bring. You’ll be completely shielded from the elements, keeping warm, whether you’re in or out of your tub. Not only is this a benefit for the user, but it can be advantageous for your hot tub too. Under full protection of the indoors, your hot tub won’t have to battle through wind, rain, dirt and debris, helping prolong the life of your spa.

Indoor Hot Tub

A few customers have previously asked, can you put a hot tub in a shed? This depends on the type you have as a lot of sheds aren’t suitable. Some sheds are not able to carry the weight of your tub, since it needs to stand on concrete slabs or hard flooring to function. Ventilation is also necessary to let the steam escape if you have a wooden shed, as the moisture from the hot tub will make your shed rot.

If you’re undecided whether an indoor hot tub is for you, why not invest in a tub or lazy spa gazebo?

Providing shelter from the wind and rain, a canopy can make a great addition to your hot tub set-up.

The pros of an outdoor hot tub

Outdoor hot tubs require less planning than an indoor hot tub, but there are still some considerations to take into account.

Easier delivery process

Installing a swim spa with a crane

Installing your hot tub outdoors in your back garden makes the delivery process easier than inside your home. Despite still requiring a foundation to be built and all the necessary outdoor electrical connections, investing in an outdoor hot tub can result in lower costs overall.


By deciding to install your hot tub outside, it eliminates any worries of ventilation. 

Any surplus humidity that your hot tub produces should simply evaporate, leaving no consequences for your patio or deck, creating fewer maintenance issues in the future.


Drainage becomes less of an issue if you choose an outdoor hot tub. By setting up outdoors, your spa should be close enough to the drains, allowing you to empty, clean and maintain your hot tub every few months with ease.

Making your final decision

Ultimately, where you decide to install your hot tub is determined by your preferences, and how you plan to use your spa.

An indoor hot tub can create the ultimate convenience spot, whereas an outdoor hot tub comes with fewer installation issues.

If you're looking for maximum versatility, then lazy spa hot tubs are inflatable and portable, for parties on the move!

Parting advice

After learning about the possible trade-offs of installing your hot tub indoors versus outdoors, check out our range of hot tubs and discover a model that will suit your needs. For more inspiration, discover our hot tub privacy ideas and find out how you can create your own private paradise in the comfort of your own home.

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