Spazazz 'Original' Range Spa Crystals


The Spazazz 'Original' range of spa crystals are the original aromatherapy spa experience and uses all natural spa and bath crystals with anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties. The scents are a 17oz (482g) container to ensure that you have plenty of scents to create your desired strength of stress reliving scent. Just lay back, relax and enjoy your hot tub. The Original range of Spazazz crystals come in the following scents for you to choose from:

  • Coconut Vanilla (Exotic)
  • Eucalyptus Mint (Stimulate)
  • Honey Mango (Arouse)
  • Ocean Mist (Tranquillity)
  • Sweet Pea Apple (Rejuvenate)
  • Tropical Rain (Revitalise)
  • Warm French Vanilla (Calm)

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