A Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Hot Tub

Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to hot tub season! Before you spring into your hot tub, make sure it‘s spick and span. Not sure where to start? We'll take you through some simple steps to make sure your spa is ready for the sunny days ahead. Blooming lovely! 


Check and inspect

Drain away

If you haven’t winterised it last year, start by draining your hot tub. This is a great first step for spring cleaning and checking for worn parts, starting your hot tub season on the right foot. 

Filter check

Inspect and clean your hot tub filters. If they're showing signs of wear or damage, consider replacing them.

Check your cover

Check the condition of your hot tub cover. If it's worn or damaged, investing in a new cover will safeguard your hot tub from debris and maintain water temperature efficiently. 


Deep clean

Sparkling surface

Scrub the interior of your hot tub, paying special attention to the waterline. Use a non-abrasive spa cleaner to remove any residue.

Fresh filters

Hot tub filters underwater

Clean filters are essential for optimal water circulation and cleanliness. Use a filter cleaning powder to really get them sparkling fresh. 

Purging the plumbing

Using a specialist spa pipe cleaner to remove any biofilm or residue within the plumbing system. This will ensure you have optimal water circulation and prevents blockages.

Cover cleaning

Wipe down the exterior of your hot tub cover with a gentle cover cleaner to take the elbow grease out of the job! Make sure all traces of dirt and grime are removed. A clean cover not only enhances the look of your tub but prolongs its lifespan. 


Get crystal clear water

Restock to refresh 

Stock up on the essential hot tub chemicals for the spa season ahead. 


Refill your hot tub with fresh water. Consider using a pre-filter to ensure the water entering your spa is of the highest quality.

Hot tub chemical starter kit

Balancing act

Test and balance your hot tub water. Pay attention to pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitiser levels. Proper water balance is crucial for the longevity of your spa components, as well as the safety of your soak.

Regular routine

Get into a routine for ongoing hot tub maintenance. Regularly check water chemistry, clean filters, and inspect components. Replace any parts as needed. Consistent care prolongs the life of your hot tub and lets you have a worry-free soak!


Put your feet up! 

Tailor the temperature

Adjust the water temperature to your preference. Spring evenings call for a slightly warmer soak, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Set the lights

Consider adding waterproof LED lights for a touch of magic during your evening hot tub sessions.

Select your scent

Sally Gunnell in a Jacuzzi bathrobe

Elevate your hot tub experience with a burst of spring fragrance. Our favourite hot tub scents this time of year are lavender, chamomile, or citrus. Aromatherapy not only enhances relaxation but makes your soak even more sensory. 

Get comfy

Treat yourself to new spa accessories. Whether it's a plush bathrobe, a comfortable headrest, or a floating drink holder, a few additions can elevate your hot tub experience.


Hot tub spring cleaning FAQs

How often should I drain and clean my hot tub?

We recommended to drain and clean your hot tub every three to four months. However, more frequent cleaning may be needed based on how often you use it.

Can I use regular household cleaners for my hot tub?

No, always use specialist spa cleaners to avoid introducing harmful chemicals into your hot tub. Household cleaners may contain substances that can disrupt water chemistry.

What's the ideal pH level for hot tub water?

The ideal pH level for hot tub water is between 7.4 and 7.6. Maintaining this balance ensures comfortable soaking and protects your hot tub’s components.


Parting advice

And there you have it; our quick and easy guide to getting your hot tub ready for spring! For more information about chemicals, sanitation and maintenance, read our handy guide to hot tub chemicals.

Need more advice? Give us a call on 01482 212322 or email enquiries@outdoorlivinghottubs.co.uk and we’ll help you out. Or drop in and see us in our Hull or Leeds showrooms to see our hot tub chemical range for yourself. 

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