Hot Tubs for Holiday Parks

Running a Holiday Park can be exhausting as your guest expect every finishing touch to ensure their stay is memorable. Many holiday parks now choose to have hot tubs to ensure heightened enjoyment and memorable experiences for their guests. Holiday park hot tubs from Outdoor Living in conjunction with the Jacuzzi® brand provides a perfect combination for your business to increase occupancy rates and rental values. There are extensive benefits which having a Jacuzzi® hot tub can do for business.

  • 14,000+ searches a month in the UK include the word Jacuzzi® followed by either lodge, log cabin, hotel, location
  • 38% of all Jacuzzi® searches in the UK every month include some form of hospitality context
  • Jacuzzi® has over 50 years experience with parented technology to provide your guests with the ultimate unique experience
  • Innovative features such as QuickDrain enables quick and easy draining for a complete cleaning cycle under 6 hours
  • You can expect around £45k profit contribution over 10 years per Jacuzzi® hot tub
  • 80% average occupancy rate as adding a hot tub increases average occupancy by an average of 20%

For your Holiday Park we would always lean towards the Jacuzzi Lodge Collection of  hot tubs, however, these are a small selection of hot tubs. There are plenty of other hot tubs you can choose from. The Lodge hot tubs collection demonstrates the depth of the Jacuzzi®  design process and combines the most advanced Jacuzzi® wellness technology for the perfect hydromassage with the latest in contemporary design trends. You can sit back and enjoy an exclusive Jacuzzi® hot tub experience knowing how the designers have blended the best in hydrotherapy with the best in iconic design.

Please be aware that the HSE282 guidelines outline specific requirements for hot tubs which are used commercially. Please ensure you provide us with complete information regarding how the hot tub will be used for business purposes so we can ensure your product meets your business needs and fulfills the required guidelines.