Professional Hot Tubs

The Professional Spas range is designed exclusively for hotels and resorts to offer superior performance and provides a regenerating oasis in a commercial environment. Ideal for intensive use, every model in the Professional spas range has been designed to create a beautiful and elegant addition to any shared wellness area.

The Professional collection of spas offer advanced features designed to reduce maintenance such as Quick Drain for reduced cleaning time, quartz sand filters which have a longer lifespan than traditional cassette filters, and pumps and filters that can be positioned up to 6 meters away from the hot tub installation ensuring a quiet environment to relax for any user. So what does a Jacuzzi® hot tub bring to your hotel?

  • 1 million Google searches for a hotel with Jacuzzi® per month
  • 70% of online bookings are made on page one of searches
  • Over 60 years of experience with patented technologies
  • 10% room booking increase on average
  • 25% profitability increase on average with Jacuzzi® products in a shared wellness areas

Please Note: The price shown of all our professional spa's is a guide price. These hot tubs are built to order and bespoke quotes are done for every customer. Please contact us to gain a bespoke quote and site survey.

Please be aware that the HSE282 guidelines outline specific requirements for hot tubs which are used commercially. Please ensure you provide us with complete information regarding how the hot tub will be used for business purposes so we can ensure your product meets your business needs and fulfills the required guidelines.