Lasting Scents™ Aromatherapy Cartridges


The Lasting Scents™ Aromatherapy Cartridges are specially designed for use within certain Outdoor Fun, Life and Style hot tubs. They can also be used in the Arctic Spa, spa range. Each scent is non-foaming and does not affect water balance meaning they will not clog your filters and is safe for your hot tubs equipment and surfaces. Select your desired scent from the drop down menu and choose from:

  • Lavender (Violet)
  • Eucalyptus (Dark Green)
  • Wildflowers (Purple)
  • Pina Colada (White)
  • Citrus Sorbet (Green)
  • Peach Passion (Orange)
  • Evening Musk (Dark Brown)
  • Summer Orchard (Red)
  • Sandlewood Spice (Tan)