Hot Tub Flush Filter & Pipe Cleaner - 500ml

Hot Tub Flush Filter & Pipe Cleaner - 500ml

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Features we love
  • 500ml of hot tub flush for squeaky clean pipes
  • Gets deep into pipework & fittings
  • Banishes soap scum, oil deposits, and more
  • Best used at every water change for optimal results
  • Odourless formula, no need to hold your breath
All about me

Introducing Hot Tub Flush, your secret weapon for keeping your hot tub or spa pipes pristine. Specifically crafted to tackle impurities lurking within your plumbing, Hot Tub Flush is a must-have for your water changing routine. Plus, it plays nice with other sanitisers like chlorine or bromine, so no need to fret about chemical combos. Dive into the difference! 

Package Size: 500ml

Pro Tip: Neglecting your hot tub or spa maintenance could lead to nasty bacteria buildup in your pipes, reducing the effectiveness of your sanitizers over time. Don’t let that happen!

How to use

For a quick clean, pour into your filled tub with the jets running for 30 minutes, then let it sit for another 30 minutes without jets. For a more thorough cleanse, repeat the process, but let it soak for 12 hours or overnight before draining to flush out debris and replenishing your water. Remember to keep those air controls and waterfalls open if your tub has them.

Use Hot Tub Flush at every water change, ideally every 3 months, to keep your spa shining. For more tips on spa cleanliness, check out our hot tub cleaning guide.

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