Spa Frog Hot Tub Bromine Cartridge

Spa Frog Hot Tub Bromine Cartridge

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Features we love
  • Bromine sanitiser for clean spa water 
  • Softer on skins than chlorine
  • No strong odour or bleached swimwear!
  • Pre-filled for no mess, no guess, no stress
  • Lasts 2-4 weeks 
All about me

Looking for an easy and convenient way to keep your hot tub water clean and healthy? Our Spa Frog Hot Tub Bromine Cartridge is here to help!

This cartridge is designed for use in the Spa Frog in-line dosing or floating system, making it easy to dispense bromine into your hot tub water. When used in combination with the blue conditioning cartridge, it creates a complete water care system to take the hassle out of maintenance.

By using bromine regularly, you can help to kill bacteria and prevent algae from forming, so you can relax while you soak in crystal clear water. 

How to use

Getting your hot tub ready for Spa Frog

  • Drain and refill your hot tub at least every 4 months
  • Clean and replace filter cartridges when dirty
  • Balance water as follows:

PH: 7.2-7.8

Total Alkalinity: 80-120ppm

Calcium Hardness: 150-250

Total Dissolved Solids: <1500

Free Bromine: 3.0-5.0ppm

  • Before using cartridges, establish an initial residual of 3-5ppm bromine or chlorine with a granular brominating concentrate (which typically contains 85% sodium dichlor (chlorine) and 15% sodium bromide) OR a chlorine shock.

Setting up the cartridges 

  1. Set the blue conditioning cartridge to wide open on #6 by holding the bottom and turning the top until the number 6 shows in the setting window. No further adjustments are necessary for this cartridge until it runs out.
  2. With a freshly filled spa, initially set the yellow bromine cartridge on #5 for the first 24 hours ONLY.
  3. For the first week or so, before each use, test the water and adjust the cartridge by 1 setting per day until the bromine stabilises to at least 3ppm.

Using the floating system

  1. Insert both cartridges into the green floating holder by pushing them into the openings until they stay in place.
  2. Let the Spa Frog System free-float in the spa.
  3. When using the spa simply remove the SPA FROG system, drain most of the water into the spa and set to the side of the spa upside-down so that all excess water drains into the holder.
  4. Then place back in when you have finished using the spa.

Replacing the cartridges

  1. Replace the blue conditioning cartridge every 4 months, or when draining and refilling your hot tub
  2. Replace the yellow bromine cartridge when empty, usually every 2 to 4 weeks
  3. Drain water to ensure the cartridge is empty, then discard to general waste

    What does Spa Frog do?

    If you are tired of chlorine odours and having to spoon in chemicals every time you use your hot tub, Spa Frog is for you. Combining bromine sanitiser with water conditioner, you’re left with soft water without bleached swimwear or that chlorine smell.

    How long does Spa Frog last?

    The bromine cartridge will last 2-4 weeks depending on use. The conditioning cartridge will last up to 4 months.

    Can I remove Spa Frog when not in use?

    Yes simply turn your SpaFrog upside down on any surface so the water fills the green holder and doesn’t make a mess. Just remember to replace it when you exit the tub.

    If you need more information on using bromine in your tub, check out our bromine hot tub maintenance guide.

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