Holiday Let 6 Hot Tub Cover
Holiday Let 6 Hot Tub Cover
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Holiday Let 6 Insulated Hot Tub Cover

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Features we love
  • The perfect fit for your Holiday Let 6 hot tub
  • Protects from sun, wind and rain
  • Keeps out dirt and keeps in heat
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Made from durable materials, your cover and tub will last for longer
All about me

Looking for a replacement cover for your Holiday Let 6 hot tub? We’ve got you covered! Our high-quality replacement cover is designed to fit your Holiday Let 6 hot tub perfectly.

Year round protection from the elements

Not only is this replacement cover functional and practical, it’s designed to withstand the elements. Made from durable materials, it will protect your hot tub from the sun, wind and rain, as well as your investment! No matter the season, it’ll keep your hot tub clean and looking newer for your guests for longer. 

Thermal insulation for lower heating bills

Thermal covers act as a barrier to keep heat inside your tub. Insulation helps to maintain the water temperature, reducing the need to constantly reheat the water. As a result, your hot tub runs more efficiently, and your energy bills are minimised.

Safety and security

Hot tub lids ensure your Holiday Let tub is safe and inaccessible when not in use. You can also enjoy the peace of mind and security of investing in a quality cover replacement. 


Should I cover my hot tub in winter?

A hot tub cover will keep your spa protected from winter weather, including fallen leaves, branches and insects! Hot tub lids also keep the water temperature up, saving you money in reheating. Make sure you keep snow and ice from collecting on the top of your cover by gently removing it. Get more advice about getting your hot tub ready for winter in our guide.

How long do hot tub covers last?

A quality hot tub cover will last up to 5 years will proper care, so you won’t need to replace it as often as cheap lid. Get more advice about when to replace your hot tub cover in our guide.

How do you clean hot tub covers?

Move over moss, mould and mildew, there is no room for that when enjoying your hot tub! Give your hot tub cover a thorough cleaning every three to four months to prevent it from going brittle. Use cleaning sprays and a soft sponge to clear any dirt to prevent any muck from sticking to the residue. Rinse with water to ensure the cover is free from products and try to dry it thoroughly.

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