Spazazz 'His & Hers' Spa Crystals


The Spazazz 'His & Her' range of spa crystals are the ultimate couple's choice. With a range of scents tailored for men and woman. The scents are 17oz (482g) to ensure you have plenty of scent to create your desired strength. These scents are perfect for gifts and special occasions.

The 'His & Hers' range comes in the following scents for you to choose from:

  • Poker Night / Bunco Night (Play All Night) - His and Hers
  • Work it in / Sweat it Out (Get Physical) - His and Hers
  • Redneck (Rough & Rugged) - His
  • NazCar (Burnin' Rubber) - His
  • All American (Rebel) - Hers