Swirl Away Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner Liquid - 500ml

Swirl Away Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner Liquid - 500ml

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Features we love
  • 500ml pipe cleaner for spas, hot tubs & whirlpool baths 
  • Cleaner pipes straight away with Swirl Away
  • Internally cleans pipework & fittings
  • Removes the build-up of scale, soap & more
  • To use at every water change, for best results
  • Promotes better water filtration & quality 
All about me

Swirl Away is a powerful and effective solution for removing any unwanted build-up of scale, soap, or sediment in your hot tub's pipes. It's specially formulated to dissolve and remove these types of grime, leaving your pipes clean and clear.

This hot tub pipe cleaner is also recommended for use in cleaning whirlpool baths, making it a versatile and useful product for anyone who owns a hot tub or spa.

In addition to cleaning your pipes, this hot tub cleaner can also help to improve the overall performance and efficiency of your hot tub. When your pipes are clear and free of any blockages, your hot tub will be able to circulate and filter the water more effectively, resulting in better water quality and a more enjoyable spa experience.

If you're looking for an easy and effective way to keep your hot tub pipes clean, Swirl Away pipe cleaner is an excellent choice.

Need to know 

Pack size: 500ml

Please note: If your hot tub or spa is not treated over time, your pipework may carry harmful bacteria and reduce overall sanitiser usefulness.

How to use

Pour half of a bottle of Swirl Away into your tub while full with hot water, then run for an hour without air on. Drain your tub and rinse with clean water before you refill it.

Use Swirl Away at every water change of your hot tub, we recommend doing this every 3 months.


What is Swirl Away?

Swirl Away is a powerful solution that keeps your hot tub’s pipes clean, by removing any unwanted build-up of scale, soap, or sediment.

If you need more advice on keeping your spa spotless, read our hot tub cleaning guide.


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