What's the Difference Between a Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi®?

Let's clear the water about hot tubs and Jacuzzi®! While they're often used interchangeably, Jacuzzi® is not just an ordinary hot tub. We'll talk you through why Jacuzzi® is such a household name in hydrotherapy, and take a quick dip into their tub ranges. Let's dive in...

What is a Jacuzzi®?

Jacuzzi Vintage Advert

Jacuzzi® is the brand that invented the hot tub over 60 years ago, and is still leading the industry today. A hot tub, also called a spa, is a large tub of water used for hydrotherapy, or just relaxing and unwinding. When it comes to hot tubs, Jacuzzi® are the original, and the best. Let’s explore what makes Jacuzzi® so popular. 


Cleanest Water

One of the hallmarks of Jacuzzi® is its promise to providing the cleanest water possible. Jacuzzi® tubs are equipped with the ClearRAY® Water Purification System, which uses UV-C rays to instantly give you crystal clear water. This tech not only ensures a safe and sanitary soak, but also reduces the need for chemicals, making your hot tub more environmentally friendly and saving you money.

Most Powerful Hydromassage

Jacuzzi's hydrotherapy jets are designed to deliver exceptional hydromassage. Jets are strategically placed to target specific muscle groups, providing relief from aches, pains, and stress. The result is a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience, which sets Jacuzzi® apart as the leader in the world of hydrotherapy

Extremely Efficient

Jacuzzi® understands that luxury should be efficient. Their hot tubs are engineered with energy efficiency in mind. With optimised heating and circulation systems, Jacuzzi® tubs deliver the perfect soak without skyrocketing energy bills, making them a savvy choice.

Smartest Tech

Jacuzzi Smart Tub

Jacuzzi® consistently leads the industry with innovative technology, paving the way into the future of hydrotherapy. Bluetooth speakers, touch control panels, mood lighting, are just some of the features that set Jacuzzi® hot tubs apart. Constant innovations enhance your experience, allowing you to customise your soak to perfection.

Top Quality Design

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are more than just functional; they're premium design at its best. Whether you choose a Jacuzzi® from the J200™, J300™, J400™, or J500™ series, you can count on top-notch craftsmanship. These classic tubs blend into most indoor and outdoor spaces, so you can not only enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy but elevate your home and garden.

Kimberley Walsh in a Jacuzzi

Highest Comfort

Jacuzzi® knows that comfort is key to a truly relaxing experience. The ergonomic seating in Jacuzzi® tubs provides optimal support for your body, giving unmatched comfort for every soak. Choose from soft pillows, adjustable headrests, high-back seating and thoughtfully placed massage jets, to let all your worries and aches float away. 


A Splash into Jacuzzi® Ranges

J200 Series - Budget Bliss

Economical and reliable, the J200 series offers affordable luxury. With ergonomic jet placement, two-stage water treatment, multi-coloured lighting, and even cup holders, these tubs are all about comfort and ease. A great choice for dipping your toes into the world of hot tubs without breaking the bank. 

J300™ Series - Cosy Comfort

The J300™ series takes comfort to the next level. It boasts premium PowerPro® Jets, Hydrosoothe™ pillows, ergonomic seating, and advanced control panels. Not only that, you can relax to your favourite tunes with Bluetooth speakers and multi-coloured lighting.

J400™ Series - Designer Delight

Jacuzzi J485 Hot Tub

For a stylish blend of performance and design, turn to the J400™ series. With high back seating, adjustable headrests, deep tissue hydromassage, Bluetooth, advanced control panels, premium lighting, and backlit waterfalls, they're the whole package!

J500™ Series - Pure Luxury

The J500™ series is the most technically advanced hot tub. With a high back design, adjustable headrests, luxurious hydromassage, Bluetooth, glass control panels, premium lighting, and backlit waterfalls - they’ll give you the ultimate spa experience.

Lodge™ Series - They Mean Business

The Lodge™ series is designed for commercial holiday lodges, glamping sites, hotels, and more. Their minimalist design complements any location, and with easy installation and user friendly controls, it'll be an asset to your business.

Jacuzzi® Swim Spas - Ultimate in Aquatic Wellness

Jacuzzi Swim SpasJacuzzi swim spas are built for performance, efficiency, and power. They offer a combination of swimming and spa experiences, merging a hot tub and pool into one to provide a one-stop health and aquatic workout centre. Whether you're a family, a fitness enthusiast, or a swim pro, Jacuzzi® swim spas have a range for every swimmer. Choose from PowerPlay™ for family fun, PowerActive™ for tailored workouts, and PowerPro™ for a premium swim experience.


Jacuzzi® Favourites We Love

Jacuzzi® J335™ - Compact Comfort

Jacuzzi J375 Hot Tub

The Jacuzzi J335™ is a 6-seater hot tub with an integrated lounger, 42 powerful jets, pillows for extra comfort, Bluetooth speakers, Hydrosoothe™ massage pillow, 4-stage filtration, and ClearRay™ water purification. Named the WhatSpa Best Buy for three consecutive years, it’s a failsafe choice and a customer fave. 


Jacuzzi® J475™ - Designer Lounging

Jacuzzi J475 Hot Tub

The Jacuzzi J475™ fits up to six people and features 55 powerful massage jets, an illuminated waterfall, interior and exterior lights, 4-stage filtration, ClearRay® water purification, Bluetooth premium speakers, and ProTouch™ controls. Another WhatSpa Best Buy and the most stylish spa!


Jacuzzi® J495™ - Spacious Entertainment

Jacuzzi J495 Hot Tub

The Jacuzzi J495™ is an 8-9 seater hot tub with varying seat heights, 71 powerful massage jets, an illuminated waterfall, interior and exterior lights, 4-stage filtration, ClearRay® water purification, Bluetooth premium speakers, and ProTouch™ controls. It also has a WhatSpa Best Buy trophy in its cabinet and is all about indulgence - just like us!


Why Choose Jacuzzi® from Outdoor Living?

At Outdoor Living, we’re proud to be an official Jacuzzi® partner and dealer. We can make your hot tub dreams a reality with expert advice and flexible finance. 

  • 25 Years of Expertise With a quarter-century of experience, we offer peace of mind and unbeatable knowledge.
  • Family Run We're a family business that connects with you on a personal level.
  • Award-Winning Service Recognised by WhatSpa and BISHTA, our service and aftercare are top-notch.
  • Jacuzzi® Flagship Showrooms Visit our showrooms to explore over 40 hot tubs, swim spas, and take a private wet test before you decide. Open 7 days a week! 


Parting Advice

Jacuzzi Outdoor Living Staff

And there you have it; our quick and easy guide to the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi®!

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