Hot Tubs from £10,000

Luxury hot tubs with patented and premium features for the ultimate comfort

Frequently asked questions about luxury hot tubs

  • Should I buy an expensive hot tub?

      A higher upfront cost on a hot tub is more likely to pay off in the long run. Higher end tubs have extremely efficient technology, saving you money in energy bills, as well as chemicals, thanks to higher quality filtration. A more expensive spa will be made with premium materials, extending the time you'll need to replace it by years. As well as being a sound investment, most premium hot tubs offer a more comfortable bathing experience with ergonimic seating, customisable hydromassage, mood lighting, soothing waterfall features, and Bluetooth control. With premium brands such as Jacuzzi®, you'll enjoy patented features and years of experience if something goes wrong, for peace of mind. You'll find hot tub finance available with many luxury spa brands, spreading the cost to suit you.

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