Hot Tubs

High quality hot tubs from top brands - for every garden & budget 

Frequently asked questions about hot tubs

  • What if I can't find the hot tub I'm looking for?

    Can't find the type of hot tub you need? Just get in touch, we can find you the perfect spa. We have a wide selection of high-quality hot tubs for sale from top brands, including Jacuzzi® and Lazy Spas. We also stock hot tubs for commercial holiday lodges, condos and town home owners. No matter your budget or garden size, we’ve got the spa to suit you. 

  • Which hot tub is right for me?

    The right hot tub for you depends on your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences. Consider the size of your garden - compact, 2 seater spas to spacious, 9 person hot tubs are readily available, alongside the standard 4 person tubs to 6 seater spas. You’ll also want to think about if you’ll use it for socialising - if so, a larger tub with Bluetooth is a great option for parties and entertaining outdoors.

    If you’re looking for more of a private garden sanctuary to de-stress or relief from aches and pains, then look for hot tubs that have hydromassage options, soothing waterfalls, comfortable headrests, relaxing loungers, and ambient lighting.

    For more in depth advice on the right hot tub for you, read our in-depth hot tub buying guide.

  • Are hot tubs worth it?

    If you plan on using a hot tub on a regular basis, then buying a hot tub is definitely worth it! There are many advantages to owning a hot tub including its hydrotherapy benefits. Hydromassage helps relieve aching joints, arthritis as well as destressing after a long day. Larger 6 person hot tubs or 8 seater tubs are also perfect for socialising with family and friends in your garden.

  • What is the lifespan of a hot tub?

    A high quality hot tub can last up to 20 years. Your spa’s lifetime will be increased by regular care, proper maintenance with quality chemicals and protecting it from the elements with a gazebo and hot tub cover.

  • Can I put a hot tub in my garden?

    Yes, gardens are the perfect place for hot tubs. Whether it's your patio, decking or concrete, as long as your tub has a uniformly level base, it should be happy outdoors in your garden. Read more advice in our guide to keeping your hot tub indoor or outdoors.

  • Can you put a hot tub directly on a patio?

    Yes you can! A patio is the perfect place for hot tub outdoors, along with decking, concrete or any level surface in your garden.

  • Is it safe to use your hot tub everyday?

    Yes! In fact, using hot tubs has many health benefits thanks to hydrotherapy, which soothes aches and pains. We love to use our outdoor hot tub in winter as much as in summer! Learn more about hot tub safety in our guide.

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