Sundance® Spas 780/880/980 Series and Select Series Filter. Part No.6540-488S.


Approved Sundance® Spas 780 Series, 880 Series, 980 Series and Select Series Hot Tub Filter is a 125 sq ft filter suitable for the Constance, Victoria, Bahia, Caprio, Cayman, Metro, Palermo, Camden Certa, Chelsea, Hamilton, Dover, Kingston, Claremont, Maxxus, Cameo, Majesta, Altamar, Marin, and Capri. 

This filter is an alternative to the 6473-165S and 6473-164S or the 6540-501S and 6540-502S. Use the 6540-488S as one filter instead of the two.

This quality filter using Reemay has been tested and approved by Sundance® Spas for use in their branded Hot Tubs. The use of non-approved filters may void certain warranty claims.

Measures: 48.3cm x 21.4cm

Top Hole: 3.8cm

Bottom Hole: 6.4cm

Our Ref: HTF1125 | Pleatco: PSD125-UNIV | Unicel: C-8326 | Darlly: 81252 | Sundance® Part No. 6540-488S.