Navigating Your Hot Tub: A Handy Guide to Finding Essential Parts

Owning a hot tub comes with the odd troubleshooting. If you've ever found yourself wondering, "Where in my hot tub is the…" — don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our guide will answer your FAQs, to help you locate the essential parts within your hot tub. Let’s dive in…


1. Where is the heater in my hot tub?

Hot tub heater

Your hot tub heater is typically located near the water filtration system. Trace the plumbing from the filter, and you'll likely find the heater nearby. It's often a compact unit with electrical connections and a temperature sensor.

2. Where do I drain my hot tub from?

Drain valve

Locating the drain valve is essential for water changes and winterisation. In most hot tubs, the drain valve is situated at the base. Look near the bottom exterior, often close to the equipment compartment. Connect a hose to the drain valve, and you're ready to empty the tub.

3. Where should I disconnect my hot tub?

If you need to disconnect power for maintenance or repairs, the main disconnect is usually located near the hot tub's control panel, or within the equipment compartment. It's a safety feature and may involve turning off the dedicated breaker at your home's electrical panel.

4. Where can I find my hot tub’s filter?

Hot tub filter

The hot tub filter is a vital component for water cleanliness. It's commonly found within the skimmer compartment or a designated filter housing. Follow the plumbing lines from the skimmer, and you'll likely spot the filter cartridge. Refer to your hot tub's manual for specific instructions.

5. Where is the hot tub control panel?

Hot tub control panel

Your spa’s control panel is often located on the top edge of the hot tub, and is easily accessible. It houses the buttons or digital panel to adjust settings like temperature, jets, and lights.

6. Where is the hot tub air blower?

If your hot tub features an air blower for bubbly relaxation, it's commonly placed within the equipment compartment. Look for a motor unit connected to the air lines that supply bubbles to the jets. It's often spotted by its distinct sound when activated.

7. Where can I find the ozonator in my hot tub?

Hot tub ozonator

The ozonator… sounds like a superhero, and it essentially is. It’s responsible for water sanitation, via the super power of ozone gas, and is typically installed within the equipment compartment. It's connected to the hot tub's plumbing. Look for a small device with tubing attached. Note that not all hot tubs have an ozonator, as some rely solely on traditional sanitisers.

8. Where is the pump in my hot tub?

Hot tub pump

The trusty hot tub pump, responsible for circulating water through the filtration and heating systems, is typically found within the equipment compartment. It's a pretty substantial unit with inlets and outlets connected to the plumbing. Follow the pipes from the filter, and you'll likely locate the pump.

9. Where can I find my hot tub’s lightbulbs?

Hot tub light bulb

If your hot tub is equipped with underwater or perimeter lighting, the bulbs are often accessible from within the tub. Check the sides and bottom for removable light fixtures. If unsure, check your manual for guidance on accessing and replacing hot tub light bulbs.

10. Where is the pressure switch in my hot tub?

Pressure switch

The pressure switch, a safety feature that detects water flow, is commonly located within the plumbing near the heater. It's a small device connected to the plumbing lines. If your hot tub is experiencing heating issues, the pressure switch may be a sensible part to check.


Parting advice

And there you have it. Hopefully you feel a little more confident in finding the parts of your hot tub. Remember to consult your hot tub's specific manual for accurate information on part locations. Regular maintenance, along with a good understanding of your hot tub's layout, ensures a smooth spa experience.

If in doubt, contact your hot tub manufacturer, or just give us a call on 01482 212322 or email and we’ll help you out.

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Happy hot-tubing!

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