The Best Hot Tubs for your Garden

If you are looking for a hot tub to take centre stage in your garden this summer and beyond, we offer a wide range suitable for gardens of all sizes. Take a look at our most popular hot tubs suitable for your garden below:

The Jacuzzi J335

One of our most popular hot tubs, the Jacuzzi J335 is perfect for families as it seats five to six people. It offers targeted jets for an indulgent massage with an easy access control panel. Adjust the temperature, massage and lighting settings to create the perfect mood to enjoy your hot tub in the privacy of your own garden.

Jacuzzi J335 Hot Tub

Why we love the Jacuzzi J335 Hot Tub:

  • Ideal for families – seats five to six people and includes one full body lounger.
  • Powerful massaging jets  PowerPro ™ jets are exclusive to the collection and are designed to specifically target areas of your body that become tense such as your back and legs. The pulsating jets offer a gentle hydromassage to increase circulation and relieve pressure. A great way to rewind after a hard day and enjoy the pain-relieving benefits long after.
  • Reversible, backlit headrests – reversible headrests offer different levels of comfort to ensure you can really relax. The backlights can be adjusted to help create the right mood for everyone to enjoy.
  • Smart access door – allowing easy access to any internal hot tub parts when servicing is required.
  • Watercolour ™ waterfall – not only is the single waterfall a soothing feature, it also offers a relaxing head and shoulder massage. The chromotherapy lighting is perfect for creating the right ambience in your garden when you really need to relax.
  • 4 stage filtration – advanced filtration ensures your hot tub water is safe and pure
  • Illuminated cup holders – allowing you to find your drink with ease as you enjoy the view of your garden from your hot tub long into the night.
  • Premium LED lighting – using advanced ProLite™ chromotherapy the underwater lighting allows you to create the right atmosphere in your garden hot tub.
  • Bluewave stereo system – providing a quality sound experience, allowing you to connect your Bluetooth device to the stereo system so you can listen to your favourite tunes safely.

You can find out more about the Jacuzzi J335 here.

The Jacuzzi J245

Enjoy the experience of pure relaxation or have your very own hot tub garden party with up to seven people with the Jacuzzi J245. You can also upgrade to the J245IP which features the BLUEWAVE™ stereo system and connect your Bluetooth device to enjoy your tailor-made hot tub playlist.

Jacuzzi J245 Hot Tub

Why we love the Jacuzzi J245 Hot Tub:

  • Massaging jets – 35 stainless steel jets are positioned around the hot tub to offer the ultimate hydrotherapy massage to keep all your hot tub guests happy.
  • Seats up to seven adults – perfect for hot tub parties with friends and family.
  • Ambient lighting – create the right mood for your hot tub experience with adjustable LED lighting.
  • Headrests – offering maximum comfort, the soft headrests coupled with ergonomic seating will really help you and other hot tub users relax.
  • Waterfall features – the classic single waterfall feature offers a relaxing neck massage and soothing waterfall sounds.
  • Hydrotherapy foot domes – enjoy a classic foot massage reflexology experience with foot massaging jets to help soothe tired or aching feet.
  • Built in drinks holders – ensure your guests can be completely hydrated with the easy access built in drinks holders.
  • Standard control panel – easy to use, no fuss single button control panel with a range of pre-set programs allows you to quickly adjust the settings to meet your needs.
  • 2 stage filtration – hassle free pre-programmed filtration.

If you would like to request a brochure, book a wet test or find out more about the Jacuzzi J245 click here.

The Jacuzzi J475

If you are looking for a wide range of hydromassage options, then the J475 is for you. Perfect for larger gardens and patio areas, it can seat up to six adults and includes one lounge seat.

Jacuzzi J475 Hot Tub

Why we love the Jacuzzi J475 Hot Tub:

  • ProTouch ™ control – easy to use control panel allows you to monitor and adjust hot tub settings to suit your needs.
  • Five stage filtration – easy to adjust to suit your needs for pure and safe water.
  • Status indicator light – positioned on the front, the indicator notifies you if your hot tub requires attention.
  • Quick drain – this system allows you to drain the hot tub 50% quicker than other hot tub makes and models to ensure water change is quick and easy.
  • PowerPro® Jets – 49 jets offer adjustable intensity to give you and your hot tub guests a more targeted hydrotherapy massage.
  • Varying height seats - allow a shallow or deep hot tub immersion experience. A lounge seat offers full body immersion to ensure that the jets can reach problem areas so that you can lie back, relax and enjoy your garden.
  • Adjustable headrests – additional comfort for when you want to lie back and watch the world go by.
  • Ambient lighting - advanced ProLite® chromotherapy can be seen underwater and the cupholder and headrest lighting can be adjusted to create the perfect mood in your garden.
  • Bluewave® stereo system – connect your Bluetooth device to the hot tub and control with the ProTouch™ control panel and listen to your favourite songs through the premium speakers and built in sub-woofer.
  • Waterfall features – built into the high back, a wide sheet waterfall creates an ambient running water sound while offering the perfect massage as the water runs down your neck and back.

Full details on the Jacuzzi J475 can be found here.

Outdoor Haze

One of our most in demand tubs and part of our own brand collection, this 13amp hot tub is family friendly and can easily seat 6 adults.

Why we love the Outdoor Haze hot tub:

  • Plenty of room for guests - seats up to 6 people and includes one lounger.
  • Easy access – low profiles making getting in and out of the hot tub a breeze.
  • Classic jet system – 40 stainless steel jets offer the perfect hydrotherapy massage.
  • Bluetooth System – allows you to connect your Bluetooth device to listen to some great music to suit your mood.
  • Added comfort – 4 pillow headrests for guests to lie back and relax and enjoy their hot tub experience.
  • Waterfall – offering the soothing sounds of flowing water and a relaxing neck and back massage.
  • Ozone water purification system – additional support to ensure your water is kept clean and pure.
  • Easy to use control panel – no confusing or complicated buttons and dials. Our simple control panel allows you to easily adjust the hot tub settings.

See the full technical specifications for the Outdoor Haze hot tub or read our latest installation reviews here.

Outdoor Look

Another popular tub from our own range, the Outdoor Look hot tub has been designed to be not only comfortable and great to use, but aesthetically pleasing - offering a look of pure luxury to any garden or outdoor area.

Why we love the Outdoor Look Hot Tub:

  • Powerful jets – the 52 stainless steel jets have been strategically placed to target specific muscle groups offering a revitalising and relaxing massage. There are a range of diverters within the hot tub that allow you to have control of the massage pressure.
  • Room for everyone – enjoy the hot tub on your own or with friends and family as it seats up to 5 adults.
  • Waterfall – whether you want to enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water or an additional neck and back massage, the waterfall feature can really help you relax.
  • User friendly – A Balboa control panel has been fitted to ensure that it is easy to adjust the settings on the hot tub.
  • LED lighting – the outer LED lighting can be adjusted to suit your mood and really adds the final touch to a sophisticated design.
  • Bluetooth Music System – you can connect any Bluetooth compatible device to the hot tub to enjoy your favourite selection of songs.
  • Ultra-comfy headrests – The hot tub features soft comfortable headrests for you and your guests to lie back and relax, enjoying your hot tub garden experience.

If the Outdoor Look hot tub is for you, you can read the full specifications here.

If you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub for your garden, view our full range of hot tubs here, visit one of our showrooms or complete our contact form.

All our hot tubs include standard delivery within a 60-mile radius of our Leeds and Hull showrooms. We offer installation to your base and power supply, a hot tub cover, chemical starter kit and two-tier steps, for easy access.

Finance options are available, including 0% on selected models. Discover more about our finance packages here.

For more inspiration on hot tubs for your garden read our inspiring examples of hot tubs in landscaped gardens blog post.

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