7 Inspiring Examples of Hot Tubs in Landscaped Gardens

There’s a hot tub just right for every home. Whether you just want somewhere to relax after a hard day or a tub that will work in tandem with your garden to create a stunning spectacle, there are numerous different styles to see and enjoy. Take a look at these 7 inspiring examples and imagine what you could do with one in your garden if it were landscaped to fit a hot tub!

1) A hot tub with a fireplace

What’s more romantic than a night spent beside the fire? One where you’re also in a hot tub of course! This idea would be easily replicated in a lot of gardens, certainly one to consider when planning where to put your first tub.

A Jacuzzi hot tub with a fireplace next to it

2) A tub with a view

Not many of us are blessed with a vista quite as spectacular as this one but there’s nothing stopping you building a canopy over the top. This can help to keep the hot tub clean and allows you to enjoy the water whenever the weather.

A Jacuzzi hot tub with a view

3) The space saver

Regardless of how big your garden is, there is always space for a hot tub! Take inspiration from this one, which is nestled perfectly into the corner of a small garden. The addition of a pergola helps to define it as its own area of the garden.

A Jacuzzi hot tub in a small garden

4) Add it to a swimming pool

Sometimes people already have a swimming pool taking pride of place in their garden and you can take it to another level with the addition of a Jacuzzi/hot tub. This is a nice extra addition that can be used at times when the pool cannot.

A Jacuzzi hot tub next to a swimming pool

5) A wooden theme

If you have a rustic feel to your garden or house, then a wooden-styled hot tub cabinet looks great. The Jacuzzi JLX range is perfect for such environments.

A wooden-inspired Jacuzzi LX romance hot tub

6) Part of the patio/decking

You might want to watch your footing with this one but adding a hot tub to the floor makes an excellent feature and allows for easy access. Whether your patio or decking is outside the door or at the bottom of the garden, it can become a bit more like a party feature around a tub.

A Jacuzzi hot tub built into the decking

7) A place to drink, eat and relax or party

Turn your outdoor space into the ultimate party area by adding a spot for drinking and socialising on the side. Bar stools and a raised shelf for drinks and snacks makes your garden the perfect place to spend an afternoon at home.

A hot tub with a bar

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