Top 10 Waterfalls & Infinity Pools to Rival Any Hot Tub

The calmness and beauty created by natures cascading waterfalls and infinity pools from around the world are for most, a once in a lifetime experience that can’t be reproduced. The sound and experience of visiting one of nature’s top 10 water features enlightens the soul and relaxes the mind.

From the raw physics of a waterfall to the tide of an infinity pool that takes your breath away, we've been busy pulling together the most memorable locations worth visiting. Travel the globe with us as we explore each of these locations and their majestic water features.

Worlds Top 10 Waterfalls & Infinity Pools Infographic

Remember to pick out your favourites, share them with your friends and add them to your bucket list. If we've already wet your appetite to experience something similar without the travelling, you can always check out our latest range of hot tubs with inbuilt waterfalls and massaging whirlpool jets.

1. Niagara Falls, United States of America & Canada

Located on the Niagara River, connecting Lake Eire and Lake Ontario the Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most famous waterfalls. Niagara Falls is made up of three stunning waterfalls, on the border of Canada and America. The Canadian waterfall known as “Horseshoe”, and the two American waterfalls going by the names of Bridal Veil Falls and The American Falls collectively create arguably the most talked about, iconic waterfalls in the world.

The stature of Niagara is deceiving in comparison to its size; compared to other famous waterfalls around the world such as Iguassu, Angel Falls and The Victoria Falls, the Niagara is only small in height. At 167ft complete with 3 different drops and an average flow rate of around 85,000 cu ft/sec, size clearly isn't everything. Niagara Falls is without a doubt one of the best waterfalls around the world.

There are many different travel agents and tour guides offering exclusive holiday packages including visits to this mind blowing tourist attraction and we at Outdoor Living recommend adding it your bucket list today.

Niagra Falls USA

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2. Iguassu Falls, Argentina & Brazil

Second on our list, but certainly not by merit is the jaw dropping Iguassu Falls that is much more than just a waterfall. The waterfalls of the River Iguazu are renowned for being utterly mesmerising making it one of, if not the most stunning border spots in the world.

The size of the Iguassu Falls compared to most waterfalls is mouth-watering; between 197ft to 269ft with as many as 275 drops, you can see why this feature is not one for the faint hearted. Having said that, the Iguassu Falls is not only one of the world’s best waterfalls but also one of the most picturesque destinations to visit. As close to heaven as a tourist attraction can be, we’d recommend adding this to a must see tourist attractions list this year.

Igassu Falls Brazil Argentina

Not quite the Iguassu Falls, but the Jacuzzi J475IP hot tub comes close with Watercolour™ waterfall.

3. Detifoss, Iceland

Iceland, the home of the Detifoss Waterfall amongst many other tantalising tourist attractions is one of our “must visit” locations. Like the Niagara, the Detifoss’ size should not deceive you, at 148ft the Detifoss is without a doubt the most powerful and dangerous of Europe’s waterfalls.

Detifoss can be found along the Jökulsá á Fjöllum River and collects its ice cold water from the Northeast of Iceland. Just the singular drop that can be found along the Detifoss creates a jaw dropping yet daunting view for tourists who are captivated by the Icelandic scenery that can be taken in from this location.

Like the other waterfalls in our list, we view the Detifoss, Iceland as one of the world’s best waterfalls. For all you water feature fanatics, get it on your bucket list now!

Detifoss Iceland

Can't make your way to the Detifoss right now? Our J335IP Hot Tub is the perfect alternative with its powerful jets built to pamper and a trademark Jacuzzi waterfall.

4. Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, Singapore

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one that simply could not be left off our list. As the tallest infinity pool in the world, and giving guests a view of Singapore that is second to none, this is one attraction you have to visit.

What better way to take in the views than from 57 levels above the ground? This infinity pool is part of a £4bn resort in one of the world’s most visited cities. Take a deep breath, relax and let the view blow your mind. The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool is without a doubt one of the best infinity pools in the World and one to add to your ever growing bucket list.

Marina Bay Sand hotel infity pool

There are not many things in the world that can rival the stunning Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, but if you can't make the trip to Singapore right now, our J575IP Hot Tub gives you the opportunity to create a similar safe haven of relaxation in your own home.

5. Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali

The Hanging Gardens Ubud Infinity Pool in Bali is questionably the most brow raising sceptical of all the infinity pools we are visiting today. Situated on a row of cliffs overlooking the Ayung River Gorge, this two level infinity pool has a mesmerising view of Bali’s rainforest canopy.

What is even more amazing than the view is that each of the 38 rooms in the Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel has its own unique infinity pool for their guests to enjoy. Each suite has equally amazing views from their own private infinity pool. Does it get any better than this? Add the Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali to your must visit locations just like we've added it to our list of the best infinity pools on the planet.

Hanging Gardens Ubud Bali

If Bali is an unrealistic destination right now why not take a look at Outdoor Living's J475IP Hot Tub. Its creased edge creates a vertical waterfall like drop, allowing water to flow over your shoulders and sooth the mind and body.

6. Victoria Falls Infinity Pool, Livingstone Island, Zambia

The Victoria Falls infinity pool is dubbed the “most dangerous” infinity pool in the world. The “Devils Swimming Pool” has a submerged rock that divides bathers from a daunting 100m drop into the world’s biggest waterfalls, the Victoria Falls waterfall.

This waterfall is another that sits on the border of two countries, this time two African nations in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls waterfall is 355ft high and is connected to the Zambezi River with just the 1 drop and an average flow rate of 38,430 cu ft/sec.

All of this makes the Victoria Falls infinity pool a must visit for thrill seekers. With the gorgeous sights of Zambia, the amazing weather and the beauty of the somewhat unpredictable Mother Nature, how can you not take it upon yourself to visit one of the world’s best waterfalls and infinity pools?

Victoria Falls Infinity pool Livingstone Island Zambia

7. The Cambrian Hotel Infinity Pool, Switzerland

The Cambrian Hotel Switzerland is located in the centre of the Swiss Alps and is one of our favourite water features on the list. What makes this infinity pool so special is how different it is to others in the world.

The expectation of an infinity pool for most is a gorgeous Caribbean sun soaked island setting. What makes the infinity pool at the Cambrian Hotel so special is the fact it overlooks the Alps giving it diversity and a view that no other pool can compete with.

On top of this, the hotel boasts a gorgeous indoor pool with a fibre optic ceiling that produces the look and feel of a winter’s night. A must see and one of the best infinity pools around the World. Visit the Cambrian Hotel Infinity Pool, Switzerland and be wowed. The hotel is also minutes away from a ski resort in the Alps.

The Cambrian Hotel Infinity Pool, Switzerland

8. The Blue Lagoon Volcanic Spa, Iceland

For the second time we set our sights on Iceland, but this time not to visit the stunning Detifoss Waterfall. Instead we head for the breath taking Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in the Southwest of the country.

The spa is one of the most sought after volcanic springs in the World. The Blue Lagoon is powered by a nearby geothermal power plant and the superheated water is created through wind turbines that generate electricity from the lava flow beneath the surface.

Volcanic springs are essentially a natural hot tub, giving off nothing but waves of aromatherapy that subtly help the body sink into a state of relaxation. Is there a better way to de-stress? We think not! And that’s why Outdoor Living recommend the Blue Lagoon Volcanic Spa as a place that has to be added to your bucket list.

The Blue Lagoon Volcanic Spa, Iceland 

9. Huanglong Volcanic Springs, Yellow Dragon Mountain, China

The second volcanic spring location featured in our list is the Huanglong in the Yellow Dragon Mountains of China. Unlike the Blue Lagoon, the Huanglong is a volcanic spring that cannot be used by tourists.

Situated in central China and known for its mouth-watering colourful pools, snow-capped peaks and iconic hot springs, we would recommend adding this to a wish list of places to visit in your life time.

Be aware, the glorious views of China’s mountains the surrounding areas are also home to many dangerous species including the Giant Panda. We would advise ensuring you use a trusted travel agent or tour guide for any visit to this location.

Huanglong Volcanic Springs, Yellow Dragon Mountain, China

If you are not going to get the opportunity to visit this stunning Chinese location why not build your own humble abode at home? With clean lines that provide a natural look of elegance, the Jacuzzi JLX Hot Tub provides the opportunity to transform your home.

10. Terme di Saturnia Volcanic Springs, Italy

Our final destination on the list is Italy and in particular the Terme di Saturnia volcanic springs. Described by many as the country of love, Italy is home to one of the most relaxing, personal havens in the world.

This luxury thermal spot aims to revitalise visitors and is replenished from the volcanic springs every four hours. Looking for a place to visit that will rejuvenate you? Look no further, the Terme di Saturnia is a hot tubbers paradise and one destination that we simply cannot leave off our list.

Terme di Saturnia Volcanic Springs, Italy

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